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Joined Jun 2, 2010
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i think instead of hitting the gym, she should try working out.....unless she's working freeweights she's not working hard enough...

I like all these people who say they workout or "hit the gym" yet obviously don't......(or at least, not often enough to make a difference)....hell, when i hit the gym I didn't work that hard and i was ripped in 4 months.....and lost about 40 lbs...

6/10 for the bs.....

a 1 player

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Joined Jun 6, 2010
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7.5/10, because of memories of being 'shot down' by someone who looked a lot like her in a club a couple years back.


Joined Dec 17, 2010
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SUNshine Girl Tasha is 25-years-old and is up for an adventure at every turn. Our girl spent some time in B.C. and now has her eyes set on visiting Belize. Her dream car is a BMW M6, although its leather seats might get a little too hot for her outfit in the summer.

Again, I have some quibbles about her stated age, she's more likely 35 rather than 25: I'm just glad she didn't try to pass herself off as 21 as usual. Typical stripper here. I'm not sure she really does anything for me. Her face is okay, not great, but her body is fantastic, if you ignore the ballet tutu look. 82%, mainly for her body.


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Joined Jun 2, 2010
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+100 for all the above plus she isn't as hot as she thinks she is........6.5/10


Joined Sep 9, 2010
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SUNshine Girl Van is the first to admit she is a bit of a tease. When our girl is not on a modelling assignment, she loves to hit the nightclub for some hot Latin dancing. We are still trying to figure out if that lacy thing behind her is part of her outfit or part of the furniture. It’s just another in a long line of SUNshine Girl mysteries.

I don't know maybe peace will like her but she just doesn't do anything for me - 6.5


Joined Apr 19, 2010
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I'm fairly certain that those are real leaves sticking out of her waistband - is that somehow supposed to demonstrate that she's Canadian? Face is a bit too severe looking for me - you'd think she was pissed at you all the time. 6.5 as well


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LickingGravity said:
Natasha has a sultry night-time look to her, but trust us — she’s a creature of the beach, and it’s where you’ll find the one-time Hustler cover model on her days off . When the 28-year-old Gemini is working, she’s an anchorwoman for Naked News, where you’ll be able to see a lot more of Natasha, wearing a lot less.

Former Hustler model and on the Naked News, and here I thought she might be a bit risque and be a Russian escort - 8.5

Sorry that I am joining this thread late (did not even know of until today)

Finally someone on the pages of Sunshine that I have actually photographed. All I can say is she looks even better in her birthday suit.
Also a very nice person and very comfortable in from of the camera.
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