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Joined Sep 9, 2010
Messages 4,749
blackram said:
In case you can’t tell, SUNshine Girl Elizabeth likes to work out. This actress/fitness model/trainer loves to get physical by studying combat martial arts. When not kicking butt, our girl settles down on the couch to read or watch action movies. Elizabeth wants a black Maserati ... to match her outfit, of course. (Stan Behal photo)


Tboy's strange noises notwithstanding the only thing badly wrong with her is the boobs no longer match the body - 7


Well-known member
Joined Apr 9, 2010
Messages 546
ssg Elizabeth 7.5-8 /10

Bit of a buttaface, but smokin' body (I think), too bad the pics don't show enough to evaluate.


Joined Sep 9, 2010
Messages 4,749
SUNshine Girl Raelene is 22 years old and lists her hobbies as collecting stamps and watching hockey. Our girl says her ideal guy has to have lots of patience, which seems odd seeing as Raelene is used to the hectic world of stamp collecting. In her free time she likes to relax with friends and family.

Funny I would have bet she was on the women's field hockey team. Chunky, possibly atheletic body, dumb tat and almost pretty face - 6/10


Well-known member
Joined Jun 2, 2010
Messages 9,200
those who are a fan of women who shop at "addition elle" are loving the latest crop of SSGs....I for one am not.


Maurice Boscorelli

Senior Member
Joined May 30, 2010
Messages 19,337

[h=1]Kayla [/h] SUNshine Girl Kayla is 23 years old and plans to have a career in marketing and promotions. Our girl likes fast cars — especially the ’69 Camaro — and she’s looking for a dark, handsome guy with tattoos and a sense of humour. (Stan Behal photo)

I think she has some promise but the tat has to go and the shots don't do her justice..........7/10

a 1 player

Well-known member
Joined Jun 6, 2010
Messages 4,905
There is 'something' about her I quite like. 8/10. I'm a tattoo fan, but that one has to go.
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