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Daily rating for Sunshine Girl

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HOF said:
Ban him immediately! Not because of the score, but let's not rate this thread. FFS!

I agree, where's Moe when you need him.

80% for Dani:na:


That is sad, she's was so pretty. Hopefully the truth of what really happened will come out.

Jesus Quintana

Very sad.
Even so I'd have given her an 8.5.
Love a girl who wears glasses.


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blackram said:
SUNshine Girl Cynthia is 21 years old and don’t tell anyone, but our girl is an adrenaline junkie. Bungee jumping, skydiving, rock climbing – there’s nothing she is afraid of. Cynthia is an MMA fan and once met Georges St. Pierre. She’s looking for a ripped guy who drives a Cadillac CTS V Coupe. Now that’s specific! (JACK BOLAND/QMI Agency)

Now, I really tried to find the most flattering images of this one -- it was difficult, I gotta say. She's that rare type of body: the overweight Asian, who is less than 50 years old. There were very few images of her, where she isn't spilling out of her clothes. I'm gonna rate this one 40%.


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train said:
Why do some of these girls want to do this? 6/10

Any number of reasons. I think mainly people have been telling them all their lives how hot they and they know the sun will let anyone be a sunshine girl so why the hell not?


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SUNshine Girl Kaya, 19, loves nothing more than to hit the volleyball court and send her opponents scrambling with a powerful spike. This athletic beauty hopes to get into marketing one day. Kaya feels her long legs would look good on the pedals of an Audi R8

More of an athletes body than a pin-up's, 7/10
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