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8/10, I wouldn't mind her bringing my present on Christmas morning.


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Joined Jun 2, 2010
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she was probably damn cute before the surgery.....

I guess more guys like big fakes than those who like natural women....


(from those shots I bet she's got a HUGE ass)


Joined Aug 20, 2010
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Since Wanker, LG and Bosco are too busy stuffing their faces with turkey I have to help out :blush:

Nova, where are you buddy :sick:

SUNshine Girl Renee-Lynn, 21, is currently a hard-core personal trainer and boxing instructor, but she wants to channel all that rage to become a chef someday. This 5-foot-6 Sagittarius likes to cook up some fun with lacrosse, cheerleading, hockey and dancing. (Alex Urosevic/QMI AGENCY)




Joined Aug 20, 2010
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To continue

8/10 but I know Tboy will find a flaw on her and give her a 7

The big B will find an actress that resembles her and give her a 9

You are both cool in my books anyway.


Joined Sep 9, 2010
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SUNshine Girl Bianca, 22, is glad the Christmas rush is over. Now she can get back to studying political science, modelling and tennis. She loves hanging with her friends when she’s not enjoying her role as a spokesmodel for Professional Promotions

I can't make up my mind on her so I'll just go with 7.5

Maurice Boscorelli

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Joined May 30, 2010
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I'll go higher with an 8/10. She has a wholesome look to her.

Upon reviewing the set of pics I will upgrade to a 9/10.



Joined Jun 16, 2010
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Maurice Boscorelli said:

[h=1]Katie [/h] SUNshine Girl Katie, 22, says everybody should be chillin’ especially on Christmas Eve. She hopes she – and the Jolly Old Fat Man – bring everybody a little bit of cheer and joy through the holiday season.

Ah keeping those surgeons in business. Another enhanced lass bringing in the Christmas spirit.......8/10
Rating: 8/10
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