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Daily rating for Sunshine Girl

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Joined Dec 23, 2010
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:great::great: delicious!
including today's as well..finally the sun is showing some delicious women....


Joined Dec 17, 2010
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SUNshine Girl Elizabeth, who hails from the beautiful B.C., is ready to tackle National Fishing Week, which kicks off July 2. Get hooked on all things fishing in the Sun’s 2011 Catch Fishing supplement in the Sunday Sun. (Stan Behal photo)

There's only one thing that stands out for her, if you know what I mean. They may be big and fake, but they are attention grabbing. 8/10. :great:


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Joined Jun 2, 2010
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LickingGravity said:
A solid 8 no more

solid is right, which is why i'd surprised ram gave her such a high score, i thought he liked the fatties....

9/10 because she is what ssg's should look like.....

Maurice Boscorelli

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Joined May 30, 2010
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JUly 1 2011

JUly 1 2011


SUNshine Girl Meghan, 19, gets into the spirit of Canada Day with this patriotic mini-dress. The 5-foot-9 blue-eyed beauty, who is a part-time model, is studying to become a broadcast journalist. Her interests include working out, dancing, listening to Taylor Swift's music, watching horror movies and spending time at the beach. (Alex Urosevic photo)

Another fan of the ink........I of course am not.


Chloe Croft

She's gorgeous but that has to be one of the silliest tattoos I've ever seen/read. Makes her look a tad conceited imo. I'm sure when she's 60, it's gonna look hot. LOL


5'9, curves in the right places, brunette with blue eyes! So what that she has a saying inked on her, if you're judging that why be on an ERB?

Broadcast Journalism student, she'll do well on a sportsnetwork, CMT, MM.

9.85 rounded to 9.9 she's almost perfect!


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Joined Apr 9, 2010
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SUNshine Girl Meghan, 19

8.5 ('cause of tats), should be a 10.
These pics will probably haunt her if she gets into broadcasting.
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