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What a blast for CAERF's first partaayy!

Ok, so be patient and understand as I'm hammered and horny! What else is new?

1. Thank you to club paradise! Robert, Sean, Thor and all. What a great place!
I think that I'm gonna rent a room there!

2. Thank you to all the administration of CAERF.

3. Thank you to all the agencies, indies and mps that attended or donated prizes.

The place was packed! Hotties everywhere dancers, sps, mps, waitresses and me of course! If you didn't meet me, I was the dude wearing the the shirt that said, "You had me at blowjob!"

Yes, I am the class clown! and always will be. For crying out loud, Kareena said that I was the reason she attened the party. Guess what, I'm gonna do the tummy tango with her! I will publicly say that yes, I'm gonna lick her butt! LMAO. Actually, there's several butts that I'm gonna lick! Unreal the hotties that were there!

The important business! I have the complete list of prize winners and the list will be confirmed with Dean and posted sometime on Saturday! Cuz, I'm just too hammered to do it now! So wait you fukkers! LMAO.

Ok, so now, I'm off to create my first ever to TDL, and it's a big one! There goes my inheritence and pension! I'll have to get a p-t time job drivin' for pizza pizza! LMAO

Honest to christ though, I'm not even gonna tell you clowns about the hotties from everywhere! Start spendin' your $, this girls need tuition $! I will say this! Mirage, Dream, Sassy, Goe and a whole lotta indies are gonna have my DNA all over them! Oops, I said DNA out loud! Too bad!

Andy, thanks again for the limo ride. I kissed all the girls. BTW, Greta and Tessa are hottt! Jessica can I have my tongue back! Sabrina, Sabrina, Sabrina, I'm gonna lick you so hard that you'll cry my name out! Screw it, I'm gonna fornicate with all the girls on the bus and many others! That's just the kinda guy I am!

Ask the bus passengers about the little extra cream that was left in some of their surprise envelopes! LMAO. Gotcha!

No, I did not keep my pants on. I dropped them so everyone could see that I supported the Celtics and the boneheads lost. Kareena let's console each other. I'll lie down and you blow me! LMAO.

Seriously, there are so many lovely young women that want to have sex with me, it's not funny! I'm gonna have a busy summer after the 2nd of July! FYI, I was popular and I'm short, so screw you cute-bald! LMAO!

Check on Saturday for prize lists. BTW, I'm TO, so I'm gonna fornicate tomorrow before I head home!



Joined Mar 28, 2010
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I would like to personally thank Caerf organizers, SPs and club paradise for a remarkable event.

It was indeed and excellent party that had exceeded my expectations, this coming from a first timer.

The place was packed, SPs everywhere.....Is Club Paradise a Strip club? cause I think there may even had been a stage and strippers there!!

...l was too busy roaming around talking and "observing" the young beautiful ladies of this SP world.

Review of a very small fraction of the ladies:
I share HOFs sentiments about the ladies. It was great to see a good turn out and past acquitences.
I met too many ladies their to review here..but to talk about a few:
Sassy's Sophie and Mia looked better and hotter than I remember. It was great seeing and talking to them again!
Robin at GOE is beautiful, I had fun talking with her and I understand her popularity.
I finally got to meet the Notorious Gen and Rebecca Richardson, and Muse's Emily each beautiful and very lovely, although I wish I had more time with them.
I spent a little more time with Sabrina at Montreal Girlfriends, one of the hottest and personable women there for sure.
The ladies of Mirage, GOE and Dreamm were fun and great to see and talk to.
I think i may have missed a few was madness.....I just now found out reading HOF's post that Kareena was there! Why didn't you guys tell

Damit! These ladies should have neon signs with their names!...or like a Batman type signal

Review of the Caerf Members:
Furthermore, I have to say that these board members are great.
I had met most of them I think and I was presently surprised by how great they all are, seriously.. 4x, King21, GDLover, SandOnTheBreeze, HOF, KnightRider, ChrisD, HOF, BT123, theTank, Dapperdon, Slackers..and more, Not that they come across otherwise on the boards but reading reviews and posts, but just incase. But all the caerf bros I met are stand-up and great, courteous, helpful and very nice, respectable people....just to let you know.
Recommendation: High.

Awkward Moment of the night,
I was in the Mirage & Dreamm VIP area, making my way out, for some reason, when I was blocked by - 3 Ladies from Dreamm, Mirage...or heck...a bit from every started to like dance up against thereby polishing and buffing the big guy theTank and i think his cannon!
I was blocked!..i was just standing there..trapped..paralyzed for a bit.. I did not what the see that! I mean reading it is traumatizing enough. I heard this screaming and realized it was me.
lol. Is all jokes.
Good work tank!
Its all good because that is when I got a chance to meet Sabrina at Toronto Girlfriends. She brought me back to my senses.

Thanks for the good times everyone.

banana boi

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Agreed. Fantastic party CAERF!

HOF said:
BTW, Greta and Tessa are hottt!

One of my big disappointments in the night was not getting a chance to speak with the beautiful Tessa and Greta. They definitely didn't stay long. :(


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Oh my god that was fun. A HUGE thank you to the Caerf organizers for the best party I have ever attended. It was fun, safe, and filled with hotties.

A HUGE thank you to Andy from Mirage for the ride in the limo. I have never made out with so many hotties. This old tank's heart just couldn't take it. Actually it could and did take it !

King, I am not paying you for that dance :)

Now, I am hammered . . . I am going to soak my head and the Cannon for a few hours. I have a 2 pm incall I have to be ready for.


oyster shucker

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Great party guys. Good to have met some of you, and all the girls from Mirage, DM, and Vixens. And of course Kareena.

The Tank you freak, good to meet you.:he:


Queen of Boots and Cupcakes
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king21 said:
Ha, ha, ha, ROTFLMAO!

Yea he did drop trousers again!!! :shock:

Just be glad he had boxers on, and don't be afraid to seek help if necessary to unburn the image from your brain. :tongue:

Sounds like a great party, sorry I missed it. :frown:


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Excellent party. What a great turnout!

Thanks to the organizers and to the club for hosting. Thanks to the agencies and indies for supporting it.

So many beautiful women, I couldn't even begin to list them all. I'll just leave it at... Great meeting all of you!


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I dropped by around 11 pm wanted to check it out for a few minutes. It was a paradise full of beatutiful women. I followed a dude around as he was handing out tickets for free booze, Iceman later told me it was Andy from Mirage. Thanks Andy for the 3 free beers :great:


Gentlemen and Ladies:

What a great night. My first party and it was a party that has now set the bar! Great meeting my fellow perverts, Olayda, GDL, Heatwaves, SOTB (you crazy out of control fucker you LOL), Iambad, King (you old fucking prick, stay the fuck away from my girlfriend LOL), TheTank, DapperDon (jesus ladies, this is a good lookin' guy with a great personality no homo here LOL), Auggie, HOFFY BABY, Emily (my new wife), Nikki (you are an awesome kisser btw) and many many more.

You all must've know me as Gen and Rebecca had the frilly pink panites at the ready. I get a text from RR "are you here?", so Gen finds me moments later and takes my hand...WOOHOO!! I thought, I'm gonna get a little sumpin sumpin'...Oh yeah, I got sumpin special all right. RR gives me a hug and then proceeds to rummage through her purse and just when I thought she was going to pull out the Hitachi Magic Wand, out pops the pink frilly panties....ugh. Well, she helps me on with them and there I was......shamelessly prancing around...well, not prancing...but gloriously on display..?Then that fucker Big O, gets RR to take her panties off and he puts them on here are the two of us walking around the bar all night wearing women's panties....sigh.

Seriously, Dean and the rest of the merry Mods put on a great party and thank you to all of the ladies who came out in such force and made the whole night so memorable!!

P.S. RAYDEN YOU FUCKER!! Where the hell were you?!?!?!


Joined Nov 6, 2009
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FUCKKKKK, I would have paid to see you and Olayda walking around in frilly underwear, dammit I missed a good one! Family issues kept me away!:grrrrrr: May all your peckers fall off, YES I AM JEALOUS!:grrrrrr:


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iceman_dci said:
Nikki (you are an awesome kisser btw)

You kissed Tgirl Nikki :shock::shock:

I will add that she has a very beautiful face, very impressed.


Iambad said:
You kissed Tgirl Nikki :shock::shock:

I will add that she has a very beautiful face, very impressed.

Several times!!


Joined Nov 17, 2009
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What a phuckin' blast !

What a phuckin' blast !

First off, a big thank you to CAERF admin and all agencies, indy's and fellow brothers who made this nite a blast.

A special thanks to Andy (you're all class bud !) who was a great host for the ride. OMG the ladies were hot: Tessa, Greta, Stephanie, Khloe, Livia, Jessica, Ciara, Krista, Aspen, Scarlett, Brittany, Sabrina ..phuck I know I'm forgetting someone .. sorry .. still hung over.

HOF: You are a hoot ! If you're gonna pull the pants down mind as well go all the way and pull the drawers and dick slap one of the girls. Just blame the bumpy ride and you lost your balance LOL.

Tank: you're a fucken riot !

I loved the icebreaker game ..genius idea HOF. Next time leave the condom package closed so I can use it .. hand cream my ass !!!!! LOL joking. Tessa could not believe you picked her for me .. she was pleasantly surprised and so was I .. "this is just fate" she said.

Making out with the Khloe and Aspen was bliss.

King: err .. what can I say dude ?! :he:

Here I thought I would take a hiatus and slowly retire quietly. After last night I've now a new TDL .. damn you all !



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It was the best party ever! I had so much fun, how cant you have fun at the place has hotties all over??!!

Thanks to everyone who was participating with this party! It was a blast!!!

Ice pink panties looked good on you :)


snake said:
Sounded like a fun party, although HOF seems a lil creepy.

Naw!!!!!! HOF is a sweet, little, big man. He almost looks like his avatar except for the moustache and height.


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it was a good party.

nice to see kareena, katiepie and sabrina from mgf again.

the mirage girls all looked hot. kasha, aspen, carmen, stephanie and livia were quite cute. tessa and greta were hot but disappeared soon after. i was hoping to see taylor there :frown:.

the dm girls; kenzi, krista and khloe looked great as well.

i met sophie from sassy, but didn't get a chance to talk to mia.

didn't get a chance to wander to goe's area until later and some of them left by then :frown:.

and echo on stage was hot too...


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WOW! Gentlemen, and ladies....what a party!!!!! I was astounded at the turn out....Dean, Mongo, should all be very proud :)

Next one, our whole staff will be on board...

It was sooo fun meeting so many new face to match the familiar names...King, Dave, 4times, Iceman ( :kiss: ), Chaos Theory, Beenthere123, Gen, and sooo many more!!

Wonderful seeing some of my fav familiar faces too! JohnFK, Martiniman07, Spitz_67, Slacker, George @ Select, GOE's Mgmt, Sheik, etc!!!!

And, of course, my sexy date Dapperdon :tongue: Good times!!

Can't wait for the next fete!! Thanks again CAERF :kiss:


Emily (& Riley)

Scott Hughes

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Like Riley Royal I showed up fashionably late, however unlike Riley Royal I got in with no hassle. Ironically this was just after midnight and I saw her standing outside with some other girl and a guy quite a bit older than them. Once I entered the strip joint, I was around the bar most of the night so I was treated to an onslaught of hotness from Mirage and Dream Makers.

I spoke with Stephanie, Sabrina, Livia, Kasha and Carmen D from Mirage. I also got a chance to see Andy again, and even though he gained alittle weight since the last time we spoke, he's still a cool guy who the ladies love to work for. His hair was still shoulder length and slicked back in grease. He has the perfect hairline!

Then there was also Dream Makers Khloe, Brittany, Brianna and some girl in a white dress who I think was Krista?

I also met a few girls from Vixen's. One was Ashley and she was a hot mature blonde. The other girl was a little Chinese one and I think her name was Katie? She had a nametag on but I just said hi real quickly since I had Livia from Mirage by me at the time and was more interested in her.

I also spoke with Kareena, and I was surprised at how beautiful her face is. Kareena, if you're reading this I promise I will keep my promise and book you once I am ready to see my first ever East Indian/Pakistani SP. There was also Angela who looked great.

Before I left I was fortunate enough to speak with Jordan and she has a great looking bod. Her face is alright too.
Overall I had a great time, and I look forward to the next one!​
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