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Joined Jan 28, 2010
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Snap out of it Demien get a hold of yourself, now go see another SP to forget Cory.

Lou Pole

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Joined Feb 13, 2010
Messages 110
Caerf should be honored you chose them vs other sites, great compliment.


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Joined Dec 2, 2009
Messages 201
I, for one, demien, enjoyed the departure from your standard review.
very worthwhile indeed.
i have attempted to see cory in the past, but alas, it has never worked out.


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Joined Nov 29, 2009
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Great review Demien!! Have seen Cory, and know how hot she is, so I can certainly understand your feelings about her.
But seriously, if I and the others on this board did not know and respect your past reviews...
I would have called SHILL and said damn that must have been written by a woman.
Peace out Bro.


Demien2k5 said:
As Gollum would say "It burns us, my precious, it burns us!"

Keep it up, get it all outta yer systems...its just a matter of time before King, BT123 and HOF show up, then I'm really screwed I supposed. And smylee52, don't make me send you a special unedited edition of a recent PSE session I will blind you for life, I promise!

You pussy wept Demien you should be ashamed. I have seen Cory but looong time ago and do remember she is beautiful but come on Demien act like a man.:cool:


king21 said:
Wow, where does that leave Greta? lol:lol:

Thanx for sharing your exp. of probably the overall most beautiful SP around!

I saw her on her first day at RM. when she walked around the corner of hall way to introduce herself, my jaw literally hit the floor!, she is truly a beautiful specimen of a woman.

Dude, Greta is another unique, classic beauty of epic proportions who is jaw droppingly gorgeous all on her own, no worries there! :mrgreen: Speaking of Greta, hmmmmm......

Seriously, my session with Cory was just one of those "perfect storm" situations where your flawless physical ideal of a woman who has plagued your fantasies all your life actually materializes out of nowhere and not only takes you by surprise, but goes even further by delivering a personalized experience that outdoes that fantasy intimate encounter by a landslide. "In love"? - sure, that's one good way to describe it, and I am absolutely cool with that (if Cory is! LOL!) <no stalker>


Sounds like the hold Hailey has on me...Shut up Ray, I would marry her but I'd probably just skip over all the BS and give her my car, my house, my savings (except for the secret Pooning funds) and walk off in to the sunset with just my shirt and the fine memories of ponding her in Boston Crab....sigh; ain't love grand? (fuck I'm really hungover....)


Joined Mar 28, 2010
Messages 2,346
Great account D2k5,
It is love, no doubt. does she know you as D2k5? After reading this she will probably be knocking at your door...with no cash in hand.

We are invited to the wedding right?...of course we are, thanks bro,
tell her to bring her other SP friends.
it will be one heck of a combined bachelor/bachelorette party.

i gotta keep my eye out for Cory @ RM...but I may feel guilty seeing her knowing how you feel about her....

oyster shucker

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Joined Dec 9, 2009
Messages 491
The only thing wrong with this review is that how on earth can you top that. All your future reviews are going downhill from here.LOL

Who would you say is prettier, Greta or Cory. I've seen greta at a **** party. She is strikingly pretty, but she's bottom heavy.

Regardless, I will be seeing Cory and Billie soon.


oyster shucker said:
Who would you say is prettier, Greta or Cory?

Very tough to compare, given they each have very different looks....each is a 10 facially in my books. The funny thing is that Greta is actually a natural blonde and she's shown me pics of herself as a blonde, which looked off since I've ever only known her as a redhead. I actually think with her eyes and skin tone, the red hair is perfectly phenomenal - even though she tells me she really misses being blonde...guess it all depends on what you find hot O-S...

Kirk Lazarus

Joined Dec 1, 2009
Messages 3,861
SandOnTheBreeze said:
Great review. Always been curious about her since there aren't any photos.

I think that I know your taste in women well, and trust me...Cory is drop dead gorgeous (if you don't mind man made boobs).


forestgrumpy said:
Yes you are in love.

Yes he is. Now that she no longer has an NRP according to Sara.....why no pics?

Also, more details are warranted as to GFE/PSE etc. One need not get too juicey, but a few details would help, as she is a person of interest to me.


Kirk Lazarus

Joined Dec 1, 2009
Messages 3,861
Jawbone said:
Darn, no pictures up yet of your new found darling. I am sure she is breath taking, at least I hope based on your declaration of love.:)

She probably not have her pics up. She use to have pics, but was taken down...I think for privacy reasons.

oyster shucker

Well-known member
Joined Dec 9, 2009
Messages 491
Kirk Lazarus said:
She probably not have her pics up. She use to have pics, but was taken down...I think for privacy reasons.

Her NRP is back up due to some drama on the other board.

King21 and others, please refrain from posting "off the menu" items such as CIM. If it's not advertised please keep it to yourself. Let's help protect the girls from harassment by unscrupulous members.

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