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IN-Call Contrasts in Beauty - Sydney & Caitlyn @ Roommates

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Had and opportunity this week to experience first hand the diversity and uniqueness of the glorious female persona with a lingering and intense afternoon duo with these two lovely young ladies.

Arriving at the suite, I was greeted by an absolutely marvelous spectacle of feminine allure. The girls were ideally made up, and each was enveloped in erotic style which clearly displayed her own individual erotic tastes and appeal, not to mention each woman’s perfect seductive physique.

Sydney, gliding over in green rocker spikes decorated with phenomenally mezmerizing artwork, black fishnets and garter belt, lovely satin bra and black silk choker, her crimson hued hair shimmering and smokey eyes simmering under the deep tones of her gorgeous bedroom eyes…luscious, luscious wet lips….

Caitlyn, in black heels, sheer black nylons and grey silk garter belt and matching demi-brassiere, her gossamer honey-highlighted hair sweetly, gently swirling around her delicate neck and shoulders. Her lips parted in a broad, welcoming smile, the sun glinting alluringly off her clear glossed lips. Deep brown eyes shining with anticipation.

Absolute angels, the two of them.

After yakking a bit and teasing each other some, each was equally impressive when they finally stood, each in turn, to slide elegantly out of their wraps…

Sydney, the taller of the two, svelte, lean, and pert sumptuous bum, washboard tummy, her exotic artwork framing and highlighting every curve of her delectable body from the small of her back, to the tips of her sensually decorated pierced nipples and modest breasts, and up to the classic lines of her cheekbones and cute dimples.

In contrast, Caitlyn, her fulsome, upturned breasts bouncing appealingly, her curvy bum and hips, round calves, and soft deep cleft of the small of her back calling for sensual attention, the clean fresh scent of her creamy skin wafting freely and intoxicating us as we stood next to her in the fading sunbeams.

The girls were clearly attracted to each other personally, physically, and sexually, and they took great pleasure, each in turn, focusing on pleasing the other’s body with their lips, tongues and softly teasing fingertips, and more than once the passionate sighs of arousal and satisfaction could be heard loudly escaping from both of their lipstick smeared mouths. Following the trail of pink and red lipstick from each girl’s mouth, down her chest and across her nipples, across her belly and directly down across their duvet covered mound and on to their dripping charms was an adventure in erection heaven all in itself!

Lots of great three way interaction ensued, as well as some erotic couples performances in mix and match fashion for the masturbatory pleasure of the “odd man out” kept the action going non-stop and clearly more passionately intense than any of the three of us expected at the outset, I’d have to say.

Before we knew it, everyone had each gotten off loudly and fulfillingly multiple times and our almost four hours of sexual escape had flown by in a blink.

The girl’s menus are absolutely accurate, Sydney trending more to the erotic PSE end of the spectrum, and Caitlyn more the sensual full GFE experience. Amazing women, each in their own right.

Personal highlights?

Watching them together, kissing, caressing, and hearing their soft moans, adoring their very loud cries of ecstasy while thrashing in the throws of deep cramping orgasm after orgasm.

DFK and BBBJ / orals skills which are incredibly off the scale

Wild CG with Sydney, while Caitlyn performed BLS on me and alternately DFK and nipple/clit play on Sydney

Hard doggie with Caitlyn while Sydney gave her DATY/DATO/Rear digital stim from underneath in 69, and played with her breasts and nipples.

Simply too much list….

…..Nothing better than a passionate three-way with two gorgeous young hard bodied vixens who are into each other as much as they are into you, and who genuinely dive into pleasuring you and each other in epic fashion, to epic proportions!

Once I recover, I’ll definitely be re-booking again asap….

For those who like numbers, IMHO they’re both 9’s across the board, each in her own fabulous way, style and persona, as well as a bedroom duo.

Advice? Try it – you’ll love it! :razz:


Here we go again! 2k5 do you ever take some time off??!! :lol:


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Joined Nov 12, 2009
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Awesome review Demien; I'll try it :razz: thanks for the endorsement on this girls.


Damn Demien when is the first trio coming, you not bored of duos yet. :cool: Awesome once again.


jagger said:
How long did you book them 2k5?.

Booked for 3.5 and overflowed by about 15mins as we were sitting around laughing, cleaning up the room and dressing. Real great girls, both.


daredevil said:
3.5 hours? Christ!! you got some stamina!!!!!

It was a breeze! Syndey and Caitlyn were very very gentle with me...LOL!


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Outstanding review Demien Sydney is a beauty a visit to Caitlyn is in order.

Senor Gomes

You do have a way with words 2k5, excellentino :)


Beenthere123 said:
Damn Demien when is the first trio coming, you not bored of duos yet.

No problem guys tell me concensus which three and I'll do the session and report back, just so BT doesn't get bored!LOL!

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