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Congratulations to April Winners!

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The Dean

Congratulations to all winners of April.

Best independent review of the month winner is Big.guy_13

Review of the month winner is 3somesarethenewblack

TOFTT Review of the month winner is Frankpost

Best Contributor of the month was tie between 4times and HOF. New poll posted.

Congratulations and thank you all for participating with our contests.


Congrats gentlemen and lady of course. Enjoy your winnings!!


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Iambad said:
Can I be nominated next month.

No cause you are bad :)

Congratulations to the winners, must be a first a woman beats the men. Is this car racing :eek:


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Thank you CAERF and to all the members that voted. This is an unexpected surprise because there were so many great TOFTT reviews this month (I read them all, some a few times). This award is a nice incentative for those willing to TOFTT.

IMHO Taalia (G-Spot) is in itself a reward. I have already repeated with her, she is truly a hidden gem in the GFE sense.

NGT has intrigued me and it will be of great pleasure to be afforded the opportunity to meet with the soon-to-be legend (hopefully in a duo).

Once again, thank you CAERF for your promotions and for always trying new ideas to make this board the place to be.

Knight Rider

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Congratulations to the gentlemen and lady for winning the April review contests. On the caerf board, we are so fortunate to have such a high caliber of reviews, contributers and members that have contributed to its incredible growth in such a short time.



Happy free lobbying 3 guys and a babe.


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I thought I replied to this already....i am getting old.

Congratulations Guys and gal! i hope you gain the most and the best from your winnings and looking forward to reading more of your experiences.
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