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IN-Call Complete & Utter Euphoria with Holly @ GOE

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Joined Nov 10, 2009
Messages 595

How to start such a momentous thread? Well first I have to thank everyone that has reviewed the absolute GODESS and SWEETHEART that is Holly at Garden of Eden. This helped me take the initiative and book an hour with her today and it was simply one of the, if not the most glorious memories of my life albeit short-lived at 60 minutes. I kid you not and I am not exaggerating one bit. When Holly opened the door and I caught a glimpse of what her web site pics can never reveal - an absolutely stunning, exotic face that can make you fall in love in an instant. Gorgeous soft and silky hair, gorgeous big almond eyes that have that twinkle to them, soft and very full lips. When she smiles she has more than a passing a resemblance to the famous porn star Tera Patrick:

But let me tell you truth be known I would take Holly over Tera. She is so incredibly feminine and the aura of awe that surrounded me in her presence was something I did not expect but really enjoyed. It's that feeling you get when you are so blown away by a woman's beauty that your game and self control just went out the window and you are putty in her hands. This puts Holly in absolutely ELITE company with my ATFs. Her figure in a word is perfect as far as I'm concerned. Amazing spinner body with smooth silky skin, gorgeous legs and a bum that will make you cry from joy. And that's just her looks.

After greeting me with a soft kiss I hopped in the shower saying Oh my God as I was in la la land already. She greeted in the bedroom with a sexy bra and panty set and we talked a little bit before engaging in some great LFK and then some DFK. Her lips are wonderful and it was so enjoyable we did this for a few minutes. Then this siren looks at me and says: "You know where else my lips can make you feel good..." and I quickly surrender my Junior to her without delay. She began some awesome BBBJ as I watched in the side mirror, it was such a visual treat seeing a lady so beautiful looking at me as she engulfed my guy and effortlessly DT'd him. This went on for quite a while because I really could not get enough of how good it felt and looked. Then I told her it was her turn to be pleased and she lay on her back. I went down for DATY and her kitty is not only beautiful but tasted so sweet, I was in a frenzy. Holly is EXTREMELY RESPONSIVE. You can tell she was really pleasured by my tongue diligently flicking away at her love button and I enjoyed it even more. Every now and then I would look up to see the view of her with her beautiful body and her legs spread out and suddenly the 80s song Feels Like Heaven by Fiction Factory began playing in my head. It stayed with me until now because this vision brought me to a Euphoric feeling I haven’t felt in a very long time. She went back down for BBBJ as I gave her DIGITS with 2 fingers and she loved this, I mean she was really writhing hard.

Then we put the cover on and she asked how I would like to start with a big smile on her face. I said let’s start with RCG in front of the mirror because she is so breath taking. She hops on me and starts to pump me steadily in this position and again the view is overwhelmingly wonderful. She then leans forward (away from me) and moves me in and out as I gaze at her gorgeous kitty and perfect hot hot derriere. There is no part of this girl that I would not eat I thought to myself, I would eat her bum hole if she wanted me to without a second's thought and I usually don’t do that for anyone. We switch to some Craaazzzzy Doggie and I mean this was too good, she knows just how to move and our rhythm was in sync. She looks at me in the mirror and says in between moans...."Oh It feels so good you fucking my pussy from behind..." and I am like the pleasure is all mine. We got at it and I have to fight off the inevitable explosion because I want to savour this moment as long as I can. Then we go to Mish and now we are kissing passionately as I thrust slowly to try and build up her pleasure...she got quite vocal and I was glad she was enjoying it. Then she grabbed both of her ankles and went spread eagle as I pumped deeper and deeper, she is quite flexible and the visual was amazing. Oh man too good, I'm getting real close I say. She looks at me with those incredible eyes and says: "Would you like to cum in my mouth?" I give her this look like some Nerd who just won the lottery and say "uhhh...sure!"

I stand on the bed and she takes the cover off and proceeds to give me some great no hands BBBJ and DT in front of the side mirror. She also has a tongue stud for anyone that wants to know. In just a minute or 2 it was time for lift off and I released an exhilarating and intense orgasm in BBBJTCIMWS (ymmv perhaps). She took it all and with a smile on her face and we then DFK'd some more and I told her how unbelievable a time I had with her. The hour had flown by and I was left wanting more from this sweet, down to earth girl. Much like Jemma and Julia of Mirage, Holly is another girl that makes you wonder what water they are drinking out West in BC, I mean not only is she stunning but she has that good natured, fun loving personality and a love for sex that is almost impossible to match. I showered and left her with some more compliments and a kiss as I said goodbye reluctantly.

I remember standing in the elevator thinking Wow....that just happened.

I can tell you this; I have seen some of the best SPs out there. Holly is an ATF, and for me is in the upper echelon with Paris, Jemma and Julia. Her beauty is heart stopping, her performance is sheer magic and her attitude and positivity will raise your spirits on even the worst days. Congrats to GOE as they have unearthed a gem of a young lady that I already feel utterly addicted to.

Call me a sap, call me a softie, call me a sappy softie. But even with my Simon Cowell hat on, I kid you not I expeienced hobby perfection today:

Face: 9.5 - Absolutley stunning features, what eyes, what lips...she made me weak instantly
Body: 9.5 - Perfect spinner body - right there with Daphne by comparison
Service: 10 umm...That's a TRUE GFE experience if I ever had one with a PSE ending for the ages
Attitude: 10 What a sweetheart, so light hearted and cheerful.

Thank you Holly and see you again soon. Treat her right guys. I'm going to go cry now.
Joined Mar 11, 2010
Messages 503
She is certainly becoming popular. I think the consistently reported CIMWS is a big draw for many :)

I might just have to join the Holly bandwagon myself this week heheh


Senior Member
Joined Mar 11, 2010
Messages 964
Hey Hw76, great review, you must be in love.

Got to admit, I did see Holly, after reviews by SOTB, KL etc.

She may be getting better even as we speak. I think her mileage may even be increasing, as she gets more comfortable. This past week was her "water-shed" moment.


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Joined Jan 28, 2010
Messages 899
Did I just read the third review of Holly @ GOE in last couple of days :eek: Nicole has found as a gem, thanks and stop crying dude.


Face: 9.5 -
Body: 9.5 -
Service: 10
Attitude: 10

Holy shit HW, knowing how you are with grades I am sold :!: and you know I will be seeing her. Excellent review bud.


Well-known member
Joined Nov 10, 2009
Messages 595
Trump said:
How would you Rate her DFK HW.

In between LFK and DFK - not a lot of tounge but there was some and it still felt passionate and more aggresive than LFK

_ _

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Joined Dec 14, 2009
Messages 432
Dude, Im a huge Tera Patrick fan. Sign me up. Hope she sees couples.

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