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Jerseygirls Commentary about Veronika at Jersey Girls - Spring is in the Air...

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Commentary (to replace the review word/connotation) about Veronika at Jersey Girls - Spring is in the Air....

Spring time technically ushers in warm weather, sunshine, and uplifted seasonal spirits. The advent of spring from me has graciously gifted me the pleasure of meeting another woman I have striven to meet over sometime. That woman is Veronika of jersey girls. She is one of the first Montreal based girls to migrate to this area before the onslaught of lovely sexy girls who have made themselves available to meet here. It was at that time when she entered the scene I was interested and tried to meet her.

I was in the area early morning, a brief work interlude combined with a unrelenting testosterone surge ( I gotta get a handle on that) I did some searching and noticed Veronika suddenly appeared on schedule. I called Jersey Girls and scored the time I required.

Veronika has been appraised as a gorgeous woman who has always been the best company.

I was !!!finally!!! about to find out if I had the same experience and perception...

I did some push ups....

Booking and Communication
Swift,professional and accommodating without incident. Pete and the Jersey Girl staff always been great. I have not booked at that location before tho and they were helpful in making the transition easy.

North York location...sorta.
Easily accessible,private condo, discrete, ample free parking. All the necessary info was given and executed without problems. No knock just walk in, check. It was a nice size, well lite condo, that had all the amenities: towels, mouthwash. The bed was pretty big and comfortable, en-suite clean and well kept facilities.

ver6032mst.jpg Accuracy of stats: fairly accurate, she is 5'5 I think but maybe not a 32 hip..heck could be...i didn't have my measuring tape and weight scale with me:) she looks sexy!
Accuracy of pics: Accurate- Upon viewing the pics again after meeting Veronika I say the pics on the site are accurate with minimal photoprocessing. She looks as depicted.
Face: Cute to beautiful GND. Veronika has a beautiful face with great sharp features and appeared more beautiful the more I saw her. I loved her mid-length blonde hair and her honey coloured eyes. She has a great smile. Soft lips. She wears well applied make-up highlighting her natural beauty. Expectations in check and adjusted she is a beautiful woman indeed.
Body: Enhanced. Very sexy proportions. Veronika has a beautiful body, sexy, felt great and toned and looked as depicted. Nice tan and well maintained. She had a great scent to her as well.
I gotta admit I was a little nervous as the anticipation of meeting Veronika had built for quite a while. Her disposition put me at ease instantly. She is a cool woman.Mature friendly and I feel is a fun person to hang out with. I am sure subsequent visits would really make her open up. I definitely have no complaints with our first meeting. She is warm, considerate, open,sincere, good conversationalist, and well mannered. She offered and hung up my coat upon entering and was a great hostess. She also has this passionate streak to her I was unprepared for...

The Veronika Experience
As mentioned Veronika relaxes me and the whole experience, time with her, enjoyable on many different levels. She was very kind and good natured. As mentioned she took my coat and was considerate (she even offered and did remove her lipstick) When I opened the door and she flashed her smile the realization of he popularity gained traction and the momentum continued when she removed her robe (sans any lingerie) and peaked intimately. She was very engaging and a pleasure to ..err..engage with. She knows how to please and I took cues to please her. That is important. I sincerely hope but felt she had a good time. I found her natural.,She is a well skilled provider and her level of passion, endurance and eagerness surprised me. I felt connected, it was a wild session and I feel would get even more wild with successive visits. Time flew by. It was a hot experience with a erotic woman.

Great booking experience. The location was good by all measures as well.Veronika is a cute to beautiful GND who was a pleasure to look at and be around both in the personal and physical sense.
She is a warm, mature, friendly, extremely passionate woman who really enjoys herself and facilitates my enjoyment. Highly skilled provider who provided a hot session more the warming is up on a cold day.

Previous Reviews

Honorarium: See Jersey Girls website
Affiliation: Jersey Girls
Jersey Girls Twitter:
Veronicas Link:!

Recommendation: High
Desire to Repeat: High

It's a good spring season so far.

Veronika is not on too often.


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Chaos, you young man are a literary genius who should be writing best selling novels!

YUM YUM for Veronica!


I haven't read this review yet because when I see it's Chaos I know it's going to take a while..

Alrighty, stepping away to get an espresso, then will put my glasses on and read it.

5 minutes to make the espresso,

10 minutes to read the entire review..

Be back in 15 minutes with my analysis:biggrin2:


Whew, all done, espresso gone and I want a little taste of Veronica!

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