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Clockwatchers. The worst SP's

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Re: Clockwatchers. The worst SP's

I find that the more popular and in demand tend to be clock watchers more than SP's who are new to the business or are not that busy for whatever reason. Truth is, if you are known as a clock watcher, the word will get out, even if the client is not a member of any board, he/she will soon get the idea that you are glancing over and will more than likely, not repeat.
I may be wrong in my opinion to some, but this is my experience. My repeats and regulars are not clock watchers and give me my full time and more often than not go that little extra mile. And I have to be honest, I will watch the clock just as much sometimes :p


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smylee52 said:

Sad part is that it's one of there best advertising tools and cost them nothing . Give a guy his full time and he feels special and tells his freinds . Cheat a guy out of 5 minutes and he feels ripped off and yes he also tells his friends but it's not a message that will incease a girls business .

lol yea men can be a pain sometimes :lol:


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This is why I avoid agencies, all the girls have clock watchers working on their behalf. I hate when they get a call from the driver or whoever before my hour is up.
I find the independents usually give the full hour without pressure and are more discreet when letting you know time is up. They usually space their appointments out so if she chooses to keep going off the clock it doesn't interfere with the next guy. I'll reward her with a tip and will usually see her again in that case.


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smylee52 said:
A good Sp manages the time without you
knowing that she is managing the time . If you can't keep track of the time without staring at the clock then
get a bigger clock . Point is I shouldn't be aware of you checking the time .

I agree.
This is a business. It is obvious SPs are aware of the time.
They may have another client furthermore they may only want to provide for the time paid.
If the client notices them looking at the clock then that's a turn-off and works against the SPs.
There are so many skills that an SP must acquire it seems....all for the sake of keeping us amazing men happy.


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I don't think there is anything wrong with the lady keeping track of the time. As was mentioned it is business and I think many times most of us forget this fact. The better sp s know how to do this without making it obvious, but I believe they all do keep their eye on the clock.
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