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So I was thinking that I needed a bit of a change, my normal diet of blonds was starting to leave me less than satisfied so I took a look at the Carman Fox roster and looked at the Fox’s available and was almost undecided. I called 604-669-9475 and talked to Ruby Fox who was most helpful with giving me some information on who was available when and after talking to her for a few quick minutes I decided to take a chance on a non-reviewed Fox and I booked Cleo Fox for a one hour appointment at the Fox Den in Burnaby. Soon I started to think about what I’ve heard about Cleo, and I didn’t really know too much about her. This would soon change however! :smile:

I arrived at the Fox Den in the lightly drizzling cold rain and parked my truck across Kingsway at the Metrotown parking lot after driving around countless times to find a spot, shoppers were everywhere. I then preformed my pre-session ritual (Cologne, mouthwash and a double counted donation of $320 for the hour) and excitedly skipped across the puddles in the parking lot on my way across Kingsway and over to the entrance of the Fox Den. I opened the door and walked the 18 stairs up to the top door and with a quick press on the grayish buzzer resting there I heard a friendly “Hello, can I help you?”. After informing the new receptionist Fox that I had a appointment, she let me in and I started to walk to the front desk when I noticed an attractive blond Fox walking past me with another Fox, this time brunette, both with small, sexy smiles almost as if we knew each other (And yea, we do know each other…:grin:) and a quick hello as they passed me and I said hello to the receptionist Fox. I then paid my donation of $320 for a one hour session and asked for my traditional beverage. Soon it was in my hand and opened and I soon started to hear the pitter patter of boots walking on the floor, so I turned my gaze behind me and standing there was Cleo Fox, dressed in a small Ed Hardy bikini and white boots with a 5 inch heel on them, damn sexy! I love boots like that, ones that go almost up to the knee leaving much to be imagined once they come off. “Hi, I’m Cleo Fox!” said this attractive girl in front of me and after a welcome handshake we sauntered down to room #4 and Cleo closed the door behind me as I walked to the dark, overstuffed chair in the corner.

As I took off my jacket Cleo came up closer to me and we embraced in a warm hug and soon she suggested that we both go get wet inside the shower. I readily agreed, and was soon disrobing while watching my future playmate doing the same. Cleo has a very petite body, and watching her take off her bikini and boots got the Banana quite interested as I entered the glass stone opaque shower stall. Cleo followed behind me excitedly, and then informed me that she had placed our towels over the side of the shower stall so we wouldn’t have to get out wet and drip on the floor, a very nice touch in my opinion. Cleo then asked if I’d mind if she sudsed me off, and who was I to say no? :grin: I turned and offered her my back, and she got it all nice and soapy and then rinsed me off. I turned around and then she focused her attention towards my front, and occasionally a hand would slip down to greet the Banana but would then teasingly go other places, all the while we were chatting away getting to know each other. Cleo really loves to laugh but admitted to being shy at first, so I promised to try to help her with that. We continued to rinse off until she looked up at me with a sexy look about her and asked if I like to kiss. Anyone who knows the BananaMan knows that this is one of the things I must have in a good session, so I responded back to her in a whisper “Only one way to find out” and with that I pulled her head closer to mine and placed my lips softly and gently upon hers, just barely touching, and then dove in and we both started to LFK while the sheer passion and eroticism of the situation started to make the shower a bit more steamy. We decided to get out of the shower, so after finishing rinsing off we toweled ourselves off and made our way to the round queen size four post bed in the other corner of the room.

I lied down on the bed which was covered with a red sheet and a black silk runner going down the middle, also the bed had about 14 pillows on it. Cleo then followed suit and laid down right beside me. She asked me if I wanted a massage or not and I replied that while I might accept one later on I wanted to get down to business as I was horny and she was hot! She smiled a cute smile back to me and fell down beside me, arms outstretched, and I once again pulled this attractive brunette closer towards me and we locked lips again, this time both of us exploring the others body with a few playful squeezes and spanks thrown in just for good measure. Soon my hand slid down to explore her nice ass and her hand shot down to find a large Banana standing at attention. She stopped kissing, looked at me, and then proceeded to give me that smile once again and resumed kissing while giving me a HJ for a few more seconds until I rolled over onto my back while pulling her along with me, so she was lying on top of me, straddling my torso with her small frame. She slipped her leg in between mine and started to rock her pelvis against my leg and now very large Banana with an erotic twist and soon was reaching over to get her magic bag, and once she had removed two things slowly slid down and placed the cover on the mighty Banana with her mouth. One more sexy look and she dove down on my Banana with a sheer surge of sensual energy! Up and down went this brunette on my shaft with skill and a tendency to do it just one way, then change it up and attack my Banana again a different way, then back and forth which was driving me crazy with desire! She was able to take my Banana down fairly far too, something most girls are not able to do. Her tongue slid down to my balls and I told her that I absolutely love BLS, so she started some nice BLS accompanied with a HJ and then went back to the CBJ. Looking down at her while perched up above, catching quick glances of her looking up and locking eyes with mine was amazing, and I had to think about baseball just a few times or else I thought I was going to start shooting for the moon! Cleo has a good CBJ style and with the sounds she was making made me believe that she was certainly enjoying herself, also it seemed like she started to get even more turned on with my responses.

Soon I suggested that Cleo hop on the famous Banana, and with a quick splash of lube she asked me what I like. I responded that Cowgirl is certainly my favorite position and she said it was one of hers too. She slid above me, hovering just a mere inch above my now rock hard Banana, and with yet another sexy smirk and a big gasp slid down all the way! At this point I was ready as ever, and soon we both started to buck and bounce together enough that the bed was making more noise than we were! I’ve broken a bed once before at the den, was going at it and suddenly fell down about two inches (Oops, sorry Carman! :eek:), so not wanting a repeat we shifted over a bit and resumed banging away with my hands flowing from her great ass to her hips up her body to her perky boobs and back down again. Normally I’m a fan of larger boobs but Cleo’s were certainly lots of fun to play with and looked great bobbing up and down as our bodies crashed together and then separated, over and over again. Soon she was starting to get a bit louder with her moans, and this threw me into overdrive! Faster and faster we went, pillows falling off the bed during the process, until I started to feel that special tingle and grabbed Cleo’s hips hard with my hands and threw her up and down my Banana until I blew for the moon, enveloped inside a frenzy of erotic, sensual endorphins rushing throughout my system. I was taken aback by this, and wasn’t able to do much if anything at all for a few seconds afterwards but only watch as an observer as Cleo continued to pump up and down my Banana, milking every last drop out.

After sensing that I was done Cleo collapsed ontop of me in a sweaty heap and we softly kissed together as we both started to catch our breaths. We spent about a minute there, still connected, just cuddling together until she slid off and grabbed three Kleenex out of the goldish box on the table beside the bed and removed the evidence and cleaned me up. She then cleaned herself up and offered to bring me my drink, to which I said yes. Cleo got up and grabbed my can and then after refreshing myself we both sat up and resumed our wonderful chat about a variety of topics. She is a wonderful conversationalist and I soon found out that we had much in common. I found Cleo very easy to talk to (Once she warms up to you) and soon I just had to ask “So do you still feel shy”? She said “Nooooooooooooo” and then briskly pulled my head towards her awaiting lips and we started to make out once again, slowly at first but soon it got more and more intense with hands traversing over each other’s bodies and eventually down to greet the Banana once more. This time I pulled away, gave her a seductive look, and glanced at the clock. Time was running out (We really got into our conversation) but Cleo was up for the challenge, so once again she rolled over, grabbed her bag, and grabbed some items.



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2/2..... (Due to the 10,000 character post limit)

I rolled onto my back and she straddled me, came down to kiss me, then assertively pushed my hands away from her back to my side and started to kiss and nibble on my ear, yet another turn on for me! Her soft kisses slowly sank down to my neck, then my chest; all the way down my torso until she was looking directly at the now rather engorged Banana. She put the cover on again with her mouth and started working her magic down below once again with some BLS as well. My hands travelled over her arms, up her shoulder, around her neck and then I started to play with her brunette hair and was pleasantly surprised to see some blond highlights poking through that I somehow must have neglected to notice prior. “Wow, your blond!” I said with a toothy grin, and got back an “I like highlights, do you like blonds or something?” “Uh, yea. Blonds are sorta my specialty…” and then she went back to work with me enjoying both the view and the sensation of her little mouth sliding up and down my shaft, then to tease me she’d go all the way down, and I got to meet her tonsils! :razz: I then grabbed her, pulled her up, and then with one more application of some lube she slid on once again and we were back to the races! Up and down Cleo went and I was underneath, pumping away, watching her facial expressions go from horny to happy to a scrunched up look. I started to notice her breathing got much faster and heavier and soon I noticed her contracting around my Banana, her legs started to twitch, and her moans turned to almost panting as she had her orgasm. I watched this from below and also in the many mirrors placed around the bed and soon I myself felt that I was about to blow, so with a quick “Oh, oh, OH I’m coming!” (Yea I know, real original eh? :razz:) Cleo flew into overdrive and got me to blow my second load in an hour, all while staring directly into her grey eyes. We both slowed down and caught our breaths again, and soon she slid of me and cleaned me up and herself as well. We must have had great timing as just as we finished we heard that oh to familiar phrase ring out over the intercom “I’m sorry but all good things must come to an end…” and with a sad look we both got up out of the bed and went to go rinse off in the shower once again.

After that, I got out and dried myself off with a new towel that Cleo handed to me, and started to get dressed while I watched Cleo do the same. I must say, Cleo does not fit my normal Foxy profile and I did think that I was stepping out of my comfort zone with her, but I am very glad I did, and thanks to the suggestion by the friendly phone Fox’s I was quite satisfied as I finished getting dressed and put on my jacket. With a quick kiss again she opened the door and asked if the coast was clear. It was, and Cleo escorted me to the door where we hugged and said our goodbyes again, and I opened the door and bounced down the stairs with a big grin on my face and one very happy Banana! :grin:

Repeat: Yes!
Contact Information:
Rate Information: $320 for the hour


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This place seems to have a lock-down on creating a seductive ambience IE. candles, round beds, soapy soapy time with the sp's etc.

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emotional intelligence said:
This place seems to have a lock-down on creating a seductive ambience IE. candles, round beds, soapy soapy time with the sp's etc.

Agreed. 14 pillows make great accessories to shag from all angles. :)


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Love the pics of this girl. Definetly my type. Sounds like a great girl. She sure inspired a thorough review.:razz:


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They seem to take a lot of pride in how nicely done the rooms there are. I'm very impressed with them, but I don't go there for the rooms....;)

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