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Joined Dec 31, 2015
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First review, here's hoping I do an okay job.


Claudette is a lady with the old school pin up look (ie. large bust, small waist, large hips) and since she's more PSE it really works. Easy to talk to and was pretty patient as I asked a few more questions than normal as I'd never done a PSE session.

Meet her at her incall location, exchanged pleasantries and a kiss. Before jumping in the shower she asked if I'd like her in a certain position or role when I got out - I being a bit awkward told her to surprise me (I'm such a dummy). Anyways quickly rinse and I end up walking out to her going solo - such a turn on. I pull her to the end of the bed and go to town as she gives directions about what she enjoys. Just before lockjaw sets in I tell her I'm interested in trying DT, if it's okay with her, and boys she took it all. My god I didn't think my eyes would roll back to their normal positions. Get my head straight & tell her that I want to hit that hard & fast, she obliges by jumping up onto the bed and goes doggy = round one finished.

I look at the time, notice I've only used like 25 minutes of my 90 but feel completely spent. She tells me no problem and we chit chat while exchanging massages, this is where time flew. All of a sudden she realises the time and flat out looks my in the eye to say "you're going to CIM". At that point who am I to say no? I gently remind her that I'm spent & it's ok, I don't mind leaving early when she pushes me back on the bed and does a slew of marvelous things. I wish I could lie & say I stayed past my time but she's a champ. CIMSW before the clock hit zero.

She mentioned that island tours are available but I didn't partake.

All in all she was a great experience and will be my go to when I need a bit of PSE.


Joined Nov 6, 2009
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DR. Love said:
Never heard of her, anyone can confirm OP's review?.

I love the Marilyn Monroe look and PSE I'm in...

What is her fee?

EDIT,,,, nevermind I found I said, I'm in!!


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Joined Dec 31, 2015
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Piano Man said:
Extra charge for CIMSW?.

This wasn't discussed prior & honestly felt like a spur of the moment thing. I asked for what I was looking for & she said some was provided, others weren't but once I walked in the door it was a go with the flow.

Kirk Lazarus said:
Great job on the review OP.

Thank you sir. Hope to be able to see a few of the well reviewed ladies & be able to share some of my gems with you all.


Joined Apr 7, 2010
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I can confirm the OP's experience with Claudette. She is a gem. I would add, although her services are PSE, her personality is definitely GFE. Very sweet and giggly.


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