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REVIEW Cici @ Just Relax

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just curious

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Cici @ Just Relax

She has been reviewed by others quite a few times so I will just make it quick from my point of view. She is slim and quite tall in her late 20s. Very friendly, very cute and loves to have fun. I have never seen her before but she already knew quite a lot about me through her close friend Shelly and was so comfortable with me as if I was one of her friend. It makes me a bit worry and thinking what else have Shelly told about me regarding my massage table I came up with a brilliant idea telling her we never ever discuss about what we did in the room with other gals. I will never tell you what I did with Shelly and I will never tell her what I am gonna do with you today. She smiles and showed me a thumbs up.

Her massage was not too bad but not like the gals from E&M which is more RMT like professional masseuses. On the flip Cici is very sensual and knows how to get you into the mood slowly. I was paying close attention to her face and I can sense she loves what she's doing so I took a chance and asked her to lie down on her stomach so I can return her a favor by massaging her. She gave me a sexy smile and told me to do her shoulder first and go down slowly. I answered her promptly that's what I was going to do and the rest was history. She may have a flat chest but her bum bum was smooth and sexy as hell. No need to go more into details. She got me so excited with the ways she positioned herself and the blue balls issue I was having the past 2 weeks was gone in no time. After the deed was done we cleaned ourselves up a bit and she gave me a second round of massage while chit chatting about her life and how close she was with Shelly. She also told me she's thinking of getting a new set of head lights. I told her I love the way it is and won't see her again if she did that. She laughs and said I asked her if she is willing to try a duo with Shelly? She laughs and said it sounds interesting and told me she will ask The best thing about her was no up selling nor mentioning about tips unlike other gals I used to see at this place a few yrs back. I love this gal's attitude and I will be seeing her again and again.

I think I have finally found a new play ground and I should say Just Relax is in between semi legit and holistic from my point of view and I am loving it. it's a real bargain for almost the same money compared to what you get here for one hr and what you pay at holistic spas for half hr half ass massage. Cici works at JR 3 days a week, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. She also works at Superior spa on Sheppard at Pharmacy 3 days a week, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.


Nice review and thanks for sharing. Can you give some info on where the spa is?


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Excellent review and a bonus for her demeanour of handling your corny jokes :biggrin2:
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