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So, now that I'm making an effort to get all my experiences out, I have noticed a trend. I have seen very few Asians. That is ironic because I pretty much started my massage hobby in Asian Massage Parlours. Well, I did see an Asian somewhat recently and had a pretty good time. Christina at Studio9 has a very pretty face, rocking body that is tight and soft in all the right places, and she does her best at being sensual and sexy. I must have seen her fairly early in her career though because it was obvious she was working out the kinks in her routine.

Her English isn't very good, but understandable, but she tries very hard. Her personality is sweet, and her service was surprisingly good. Those who like dirty talk should not expect much from her though for obvious reasons, but I will say that she is a trooper and tried in that area as well. I just wish I had told her sooner that I'm not big into dirty talk, and I did not have the heart to tell her that I almost burst out laughing at her attempt. I held it in at the time because I didn't want to hurt her feelings.

I've tutored English to new immigrants in the past, and I know how hard it is to learn the nuances of English. Anyway, if you're into Asians, and want to have a nice sensual session with a sweet girl, then Christina is a good bet.


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ERectile, you need an award. You have put the MP section back on the map. Nice review and she looks so doable.



To bad she wasn't doable...fs was not on the table. She kind of reminds of Kim, who is long gone.


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If she's anything like Kim I'm there. Kim was one of my faves.


Kim was a MPA in the Perla chain known for her asian sex kitten routine. You would either like her or hate her.


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Any body no where FS in a massage spa is avail other than SUNSHINE SPA.I've been 2 a lota spa's n gotton FS but these aren't well known spa's.


If all you want is fs, then stick with SPs. If you want the massage experience, with possible fs, prepare to spend a lot of money. Look around, ask around and do your research. But don't expect an answer in the forums.
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Why do guys ask info on FS in spas when there is a plethora of SP's out there? Sheesh :Rollingeyes:

I saw Christina once the language barrier was definitely a bummer. I also saw her later at night so maybe her energy level was low. Very mechanical session, did not want to kiss at all, just wanted to get to the release and get me out the door. I ended up leaving with blue balls. As far as attractiveness I didn't find her nearly as attractive as some of the other ladies there - Lynda, Lucy, Tracy, Haylee. No repeat for me.


I've been having more fun and spending less since I switched to SPs. Finally took my own advice.

As for Christina, it's not unusual for girls to get burned out fast. Oh well, there's always lots of other choices out there!

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