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China Bans Women From Sexily Eating Bananas

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When sexily eating bananas is outlawed, only outlaws will sexily eat bananas. China's state-run CCTV News reports the Ministry of Culture has banned women from "seductively eating bananas" online. Hundreds of millions of users have apparently been logging onto live-streaming platforms to watch such erotic fruit-eating clips, according to theNew York Daily News. Possibly related:

Pornography has been banned in China since 1949. The Chinese government launched an investigation into the country's increasingly popular live-streaming platforms last month, looking for "content that was too vulgar, violent, or too sexual." It found that the most popular live-stream hosts are "predominately attractive women showing their cleavage." And eating bananas, we guess.

Shanghaiist explains that China's live-streaming companies "operate on a business model centered around attractive women showing off just as much as they can get away with." Hosts can reportedly make up to $150,000 a year.

But competition is making them push the boundaries of what the government considers acceptable. And now sexy banana eating is officially on the wrong side of that line. According to the BBC, the Ministry of Culture has also banned women from live-streaming while wearing stockings or suspenders. But Chinese social-media users have some questions about the new rules.

"How do they decide what's provocative when eating a banana?" the BBC quotes one as saying. "They will all start eating cucumbers, and if that's no good, yams," another user warns.



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I guess this type of stuff is still allowed, since they're not eating it.


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