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IN-Call Chantelle @ Mirage

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Called Mirage to book Chantelle, Its very rare when I pre-book but was determined to see this SP. So off to the condo this afternoon, usual calls to get in, open the door and my jaw almost dropped. One of the most beautiful SP I have ever laid my eyes on. Simply drop dead gorgeous with big natural breasts, long fit legs and a solid hard ass.

I was prepared to deal with her after a member kindly told us "she has a hearing/speech impediment". I said who cares I just want to get laid with a Hot woman. Being warned can make a difference in a session and I was right. She tried a little chit chat and I just told her I need a shower and wait for me naked on the bed. She smiled and said yes sir.

Out of the shower and she was lying naked on the bed as instructed. I kept looking at her attractive eyes and her stunning breasts, pure heaven. She sat on top of me and started with LFK which led no soft DFK. I started playing with her breasts then she gently pushed me away as I believe she wanted to see my buddy JR.

Ok, I already went over the top of how Hot she is, to my surprise her BJ/DT skills compares to Becky, Amanda, Sophie and O.Raven.

Unbelievable she started facing me and toyed with his tip for a few seconds, then in one fast movement she swallowed him all and again and again. She then slowly started turning to my left and her ass stood next to my hand. So now her head is facing the mirror and she jackhammers me even deeper while looking at me through the window. (A la Sabelle style). I think she broke the record at how long she didn't come out for air, would guess I good minute or two. Digits during DT was awesome to add eye contact unbelievable.

Daty was well received, digits also great but she is so tight only 2 fingers inside. Mish time, she purposely closed her legs gently in the beginning, then slowly opened wider and wider. Then that is when the DFK stated and man can she kiss. Slowly moved her leg to the side and somehow ended doggie without taking JR out of her.

It was too much for me so it happened. had one of the best sessions ever.
She loves to fuck and fuck and fuck.

Would repeat in a heart beat
Thanks Andy, I owe you one.


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Joined Nov 10, 2009
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Re: Chantelle @ Mirage

Awesome BT 123! Glad you had a great time with her, she is amazing in every way!


Joined Dec 2, 2009
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Re: Chantelle @ Mirage

Whenever I call Mirage, I always try to get Daphne. I think I may just try someone new...Great Review


Joined Dec 6, 2009
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Re: Chantelle @ Mirage

Now I have to see this girl. She just moved to the top of the TDL. Thank's man.



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Joined Dec 19, 2009
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Re: Chantelle @ Mirage

Chantelle is awesome. Pure fuck me suck me PSE action. It's been almost a year since I've seen her. Can't wait for her to get back to T.O
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