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Joined Sep 10, 2015
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Got around to seeing Catherinetog again.

Catherine is still at her Yonge/Sheppard location, north of the 401. Small, but nicely appointed condo. Discreet.

Catherine still has a great ass - very large and round and built for sexy time. She has nice legs too. Her stomach isn't perfect (she is a mature provider remember) and you might notice it when she undresses, but it is within acceptable limits. Facially, Catherine is okay - she won't win any beauty contests, but she won't cause you to look away either. Remember, she is a mature provider, so don't seek out and try to obtain what a provider isn't.

Where Catherine excels is in the skill and menu category. She has AMAZING skill. She has an AMAZING menu. If you want a woman with SUPERB skill and a no-holds barred menu, Catherine is your girl. Greek is on the menu. Her bum is very tight, so you might have to try again and again to get in. I didn't try greek on this trip, but I did during my last appointment.

During my recent appointment, we did mish, doggy and I ended with my 1st SOG. We rested and then she gave me a great BJ to get ready for my 2nd SOG. Mish first and then doggy again to finish my 2nd SOG. Just like the first SOG. Catherine has a nice pussy with nice lips. If you are healthy and ask for it, she will easily get 2sog out of you. In this regard, she is one of the best and one of the most willing.

With Catherine, she is really focused on saying YES to all your demands. I can't think of anything she won't try to do in order to please you.

I would recommend Catherine for her skill level, her menu, her price point and the fact that she delivers the opportunity for MSOG. On the downside, she is not overly social and is mostly business/session focused.

Catherine is very professional and will not waste your time or hers. If you are tired of getting the run-around from other SPs and want someone who is serious about keeping her end of a scheduled appointment, go visit Catherine.

Catherine advertises on TheRedZone and has her own website here:


Joined Mar 11, 2014
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Well hello Gene, what made you come to these parts of the woods?.

Your site is pretty boring huh?.

King Kong

Jamal said:
Well hello Gene, what made you come to these parts of the woods?.

Your site is pretty boring huh?.

Whatever but she is very good.
Joined Sep 10, 2015
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quarzy said:
Admitting he gets more bang for his money here than his own site.

Please don't suggest that I am Gene Kelly.

If you actually know what you are talking about, you would understand that he doesn't visit nor think well of Catherine or Alice.

I do think well of both ladies.

We are not the same person.
Joined Sep 10, 2015
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Prophet, I just want to ad after following your link that Catherine is a mature provider in her 50s. I am TOTALLY FINE with that, but I wanted to let members know so that they don't expect a woman in her 30s.


Joined Mar 6, 2015
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Joined Sep 10, 2015
Messages 1,482
I always suggest everyone visit Catherinetog at least once in their hobbying career.

Her skill is amazing!!!!!!

She is not a beauty pageant contestant, but her skill is so good you won't care.
Joined Sep 10, 2015
Messages 1,482
Good service before age always wins ans saves us money.

To me, the most important qualities of an SP are:

1. Availability
2. Attitude
3. Skill
4. Service
5. Price
6. Beauty

Most people are ugly. Most men are ugly. Most women are ugly. So, I never expect to find beauty very often in this world. It is rare.
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