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I only had the one session with Carrie, but I actually had a pretty good time. I had a serious case of blue balls from a session at Hot Rock earlier, and had decided to make the most of a free afternoon. Carrie was the only one available and I booked her sight unseen and unreviewed.

Facially, Carrie is quite pretty. She has a very slim build, and is natural all over. She is one of the younger attendants, but she can hold her own against the older more experienced ladies. Service wise, she is more aggressive than sensual, and she has a fun bubbly personality similar to Jasmin, but not quite over the top. I think after repeat visits, we probably would have connected better, but alas, I do have somewhat of a straying eye and I never did get around to circling back to her. One thing to note, and this might be an issue, when I said she is natural all over, I really do mean natural... as in "au naturale", as in "I wanna see some bush" a la Revenge of the Nerds (ok, showing my age with that quote). For the record, yes, this was an issue with me, and maybe was the reason I had put her out of my mind and didn't circle back.

Other than that, there was a faint scent of cigarette smoke in her hair, none on her breath, so I was fine with that. If you've seen Jasmin, and wanted to see someone similar but with natural assets, then Carrie is a good bet.


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Long time lurker. Finally found a post where I can contribute. I can concur. Pretty girl with a nice body, and friendly. The session was nothing particularly memorable. Also, the bush really didn't do it for me either.


I'm bad at age, but I'd say around 24/25. Certainly one of the "younger" crowd.
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Erectile, you are a reviewing machine, miss carrie has been on my radar for a while now & your not the first to "not love" the natural look

cheers & thanks for sharing


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I like a woman with a hairy bush. Makes me less concerned about my jungle garden. Whatever happened to men? Raquel Welch had more hair on her twat than a hipster barrista's beard, and I would never want to throw her out of bed. Please, do not tell me any of you guys wax your fucking balls.


I don't mind pubic hair if it is trimmed and groomed. My main beef with it is going down for daty and getting more than I bargained for. There is another MPA I've seen - review to come - who is not shaved smooth, but she keeps it neatly trimmed so that the hair frames her lips. That is hot! On the other hand, if a girl were to have hair, I'd rather it be long and neat instead of stubble. Stubble burn on your genitals is NOT fun.

As for me, at the risk of TMI, I got into the habit of shaving due to my surgeries and I like the feel. It also makes for smoother body slides too. Add an attendant who likes to tease with her mouth, and oh boy, I'm in heaven.

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