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IN-Call Caressed by a Montreal Tigress! - Sebelle @ Exquisite

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….learned a valuable lesson recently in terms of biting off more than you can chew, with a three hour play date together with Sebelle, La Belle Province’s finest export.

After meeting and briefly getting to know this beauty through a recent online chat session, just couldn’t resist the desire to get to know the real woman behind all the accolades, and dudes - Sebelle is not one to disappoint!

I had made some personal fetish requests when booking, so when the door opened and that seductive index finger beckoned me in, I was completely bowled over by the vision standing there looking me up and down, all smoldering aggression and dripping in erotic attitude.

Dressed in deep purple lace bustier which displayed provocatively her ample bust line, purple lace panties, garter belt and matching nylons, she swayed gently to and fro, one hand on her hip, teetering in her black patent spikes, and angelic face framed by her wide crystal choker and matching bracelet…demure eye shadow and liner outlining her bright, intense eyes, and her blonde highlighted locks inspiring instant fetish-driven wood. And those fulsome, glistening wet lips…Holy Crap this woman is HOT!

We chatted some and as I excitedly devoured her with my eyes, I shared all the amourous desires and fantasies I’d had in mind for our session, she being so open-minded, welcoming and certainly easy to talk to about virtually any intimate subject. I specifically asked for a very high energy and fast paced session, passion and sensuality wrapped in overt female confidence. Although it seemed she was nodding absently to each topic in passing, I soon learned she was absorbing it all in stride and formulating a plan of attack which she unleashed with unabashed intensity when I least expected it.

She kissed me passionately with complete abandon, used her manicured nails to tease me quite mercilessly while alternating sinfully between soft warm wet lips caressing my body all over to using fingertips and passionate eyes to make me absolutely crazy. She drove me wild to a deeply aching and terribly desirable perfection. I loved every second, and howled in ecstasy at each release to express my appreciation for her efforts, lost in complete sensual bliss.

She teased me endlessly with her outstanding oral skills, and when I thought the doggie ride couldn’t get any more intense, wicked Sebelle the cardio queen hopped off the bed, bent over at the waist in front of the full length mirror, spread her legs wide to entice me with her dripping charms and said “I want you to get over here and show me what kind of a lover you really are.” OMFG!

It only got worse (or much better if you’re me!) from there. I enjoyed phenomenal DATY//DATO on her sweet and immaculate velveteen kitty and duvet taint; more great sloppy, messy oral and teasing, Russian in those fabulously soft and succulent feminine assets, superb “eyes wide open” DFK, and truly inspiring dirty talk, tout en francais. Tres erotique! Simply too many escapades to list, but will certainly recount each and every one in turn quite fondly in my fantasies when the lights go out at night!

Personal highlights of the session:

- Seeing her dressed in that purple lingerie for the very first time – WOW!
- Her passionate play and evil, almost cruel approach to sensual tease play
- The two massively satisfying SOGs
- But mostly it was her charm, candor, open mindedness and complete desire to please. Really made a troll like me feel attractive, desirable and sexy even though I’m actually not in any of those things in real life! Forget it was a services- Shit, forgot what planet I was on LOL!

For those who like ratings: for me she’s a perfect 10 in every way – but everyone else already knew she was that and more, of course

Repeat? Absolutely, what a tremendous woman to spend a rainy afternoon with!

Side Note: Hadn’t used Exquisite much in the past, but really have to remark on the really friendly service at booking, ease of conversation on the phone, and in particular, the overall quality of the incall itself. Really classy high end condo (pretty much one of the nicest I’ve seen anywhere), spotless, accessible and perfectly appointed. Was really impressed with the overall business experience itself, beyond the obvious benefits of the vixen herself! Thanks Vanessa for making it a perfect spring day, regardless of the rain. :razz:


Well-known member
Joined Feb 13, 2010
Messages 660
You sir are a Madman excellent review, who you love best now Cory or Sebelle?.

Senor Gomes

A perfect 10 :eek: too bad she doesn't travel. One of the better reviews I have read, thanks 2k5.


Kick ass review Demien, please stop corrupting our SP. :cool:

Knight Rider

Well-known member
Joined Nov 14, 2009
Messages 1,471
Enjoyed reading your review, damien. I think it is one of your best ones. Damn, I've got to see Sebelle!



Joined Mar 28, 2010
Messages 2,346
Another fantastic review D2K5.
I was trying to book Sebelle also for that morning. But my schedule did not allow for it.
I agree, Vanessa is a great asset and very accommodating.


She's a great lady, and a very intense SP experience for sure...she can really go at it with gusto and leave you panting in the dirt if you're not careful! Best of all Sebelle is REALLY a great person, no bullshit act, no schemes, no games. She's just a very down to earth, real and very sweet individual who will simply rock your world and be happy she did!


How many Sp retired after a session with you ?! Christ!! leave these poor girls alone for awhile!:lol:

Borey the Bald

Thanks 2k5 sebelle is a pure sex machine and in agreement about her good nature.


Joined Nov 6, 2009
Messages 15


Thank you Demien2k5, I'm glad you had such a wonderful time with lovely Sebelle! I know that she did too :)




Well-known member
Joined Dec 17, 2009
Messages 290
Demien I think you are from another platet brought here to seduce and play with all the SP. What's your real name? R2D2 :)


severeaddicted said:
What's your real name?

Shamefully, I must admit they call me

Mr.Fatoldgreybeardedbaldheadedsmellydudemanwewishyouwouldstayhomeforawhileanleaveusthehellalone's hard to get business cards printed cheap!:lol:


Exquisite said:
Thank you Demien2k5, I'm glad you had such a wonderful time with lovely Sebelle! I know that she did too :)



I will simply say this...Vanessa - you and the lady Sebelle are nothing but 100% class, through and through. Thank-you for everything! :mrgreen:

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