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Careful - This May Make You Cry Like a Little Girl

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I know the feeling!

I know the feeling!

Lou Siffer said:
I'm refusing to watch. I cried at my daughters grad yesterday.

That's enough for this month. I'll come back and watch next month.

I cried like a little girl at my baby girl's grade 8 grad last week too...

OMG! :shock:

I just realized... I HAVE 3 KIDS IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!! :gasp:

Better keep the Defib charged and ready!



Jiggy where is the Kleenex box.......:great: laggy


Beenthere123 said:
Jiggy where is the Kleenex box.......:great: laggy

here ya' go


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Love from the heart is a wonderful thing to see . Of course I am crying like a little girl :great:.


Adelle, my best wishes for a safe return of your brother and to all of our members and their families who have a loved one over seas fighting in this war.

The video is extremely touching and thank you to Lagavulin for posting.

Wars are perpetuated by lack of understanding, compassion and compromise....that's just my opinion.


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How can I send this video to friends without having the caerf link?


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BigAbe said:
How can I send this video to friends without having the caerf link?

Watch the video until the very end, then a You tube link will show up in the right hand side of the video box. Use that link to send.


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Adelle St Clair said:
Fuck, put me on the tearful bandwagon.


Whatever motivated your brother, I'm sure he had valid reasons for his decision and I can only commend him for his courage.

I'm sure that the latest casualties only hightened the anxiety you and your family feel about his safety. I know quite a few people in Canada, the US and Britain whose sons came out of university and joined up, much to their families' surprise and consternation. They feel a really confusing mixture of fear and pride and I imagine your family does too.

I'm not a religious person but I do pray in my own way for the safe return of all the soldiers who have made the same decision as your brother.


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Awwww. You got me. These guys deserve these moments. Such a hard job. Hope they all get well and truly laid too.


Incredibly poignant clip; however, it didn't make me cry

Incredibly poignant clip; however, it didn't make me cry

1. It's an awesome thing when a loved one/friend returns from service.
2. Adelle, I hope that your brother is safe and returns home.
3. Anyone who has loved ones or friends in the service, I hope they are well.
4. We have a member of our hobby community that is in Afganistan now. I'm not
certain if he's on caerf, but he's a really good man and it's not his first tour in
harms way. We've been in-touch several times since his departure, and I hope
that when he comes home safely, we all get together and buy him a beer, and
take up a collection to get him his first SP back. I know that's he's dying for the
soft touch of one or more of our lovely ladies.

Tribute to our armed forces on Canada Day!

When does my heart ache and break, when I turn on the news and hear that another Canadian Soldier has died.

I had the very good fortune to have known Mark Anthony Graham coaching him in basketball for several years before his passioin Track to him to the USA on scholarship. Father of one. Canadian Olympic Track team member.

We've lost enough of Canadian Military in an action that can't be won, bring our people home.

Need Loving

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Adelle best wishes regarding your brother and a big thanks to lagavulin for the good morning cry.
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