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No secret that my friend Rayden and I are long time clients of PAL. Peter has yet to have someone that I/We have been disappointed with and Candice is no different. New to PAL and available only to VIP's, I saw her on her second day.

Pics and description of Candice are accurate. She is easy on the eyes with a beautiful GND face with a bit of an edge. Dark hair that has a tint of red, friendly smile and a nice easy way about her. She made me very comfortable as the anticipation with seeing an unreviewed SP is always heightened with the unknown.

Booking, as always is easy with PAL. Convenient airport location. Nice suite and comfortable surroundings.

No click click click of heels but the I could hear her coming to the door as I knocked. Open the door, standard David Copperfield move, door closes...POOF! Standing before me was Candice. I was very happy at what was before my eyes. Standing about 5'5", 120lbs in a short tight little red dress and heels. I greet her with intros and shake her hand; I KNOW, I KNOW!! WTF IS UP WIT DAT?!?! What? I shoulda unzipped and let her shake Jr.!?!?!? HAHA. Anyway, I like what I see as she turns, the caboose is quite nice and the legs are muscular and nicely shaped.

We actually chit chatted for quite some time on the couch as I found her very easy to talk to and comfortable to be with, of course all the while checking her out!! Noticed the covered kitty poking out from underneath the dress, nicely shaped mounds of glory, very easy on the eyes. After a while, she asks if I would like to go lay on the bed and get comfortable..."Uhhhh...hellz yeah!". More chit chat on the bed and I begin to stroke her bare legs, smooth and I can feel the goose bumps begin to rise at my touch...hehehe awesome. I finally take my hand and place it to the back of her head and guide her in for a kiss. WOW, like kissing a girl you've had your eye on for the very first time....ummmm yeah, shut up.

Awesome LFK led to DFK and groping. That's it, time to get naked. We stripped down separately, which is okay with me, I can be a bit of a bull in a china shop when it comes to undressing myself or someone else. Keeping the underclothes on (adds to the mystery) we jump back in to bed and let our hands, mouths and bodys discover each other. I'm thinking this girl is complete dynamite!

I guide her to mount me with more DFK and my groping her ass with digits in her kitty..soaking! I had to go downtown for a taste...awesome shaved kitty, fresh and tasty. Switch to 69 and an awesome BBBJ with lots of saliva and hand pumping, the worms eye view I had was awsome. Mild to Medium DT (MT?). I had to have her now. Cover goes on and CG is applied...giddiup! I could tell she couldn't quite get comfortable with the position and not wanting to get carried away and and a little tentative, so I just held her close and and made the moves for a while, applying LFK and kissing her on the neck, she was very receptive.

A marathon session in doggie led to happy ending, I actully wanted to pull "The Rayden" on her but was having such a great time and the view was very nice too.

The up close inspection:
Body type is not your classic spinner more of a classic beauty of the early 1900's type body. She turned me on and suited my wide array of body type criteria. A number of tats and piercings. The piecings to me are erotic. A beautiful face and nice personality. She could easily be one of those girls that loves hanging out with the guys drinking beer and watching the hockey game all the while you and you're buddies are wishing she was yours. We got along well and were equally satisfied at the end of the session. I will definitely be repeating and, with the exit of Brittney, has moved to the top of my list with PAL.

Treat her well gentlemen.


*Apologies for another one of my long winded reviews :)


Re: [email protected]

severeaddicted said:
You are hilarious Iceman I have to start a new poll for funniest reviewers. Amazing review.

Thanks SA, I'm here till Thursday, try the Veal!!

toocooldude said:
Wow Iceman your reviews are always so much fun to read. Is she knew to the business.

I didn't really ask her but she asked me some educated questions about the business; smart cookie this girl.


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Re: [email protected]

Very well written and informative review Iceman. Considering Pal as an agency is on the lower end of the pay scale, would you consider the services and the ladies looks at a lower level as well?


Re: [email protected]

Jawbone said:
Very well written and informative review Iceman. Considering Pal as an agency is on the lower end of the pay scale, would you consider the services and the ladies looks at a lower level as well?

Thanks for the compliment JB, but as for the lower end of the pay scale with a direct connection of ladies looks & services connection, this may be unfair and unfair assumption.

I think that part of this hobby applies to "different strokes for different folks". There's a thread on the board about Service vs Looks. I have different tastes than you may and vice versa, that's what brings variety to our choices on CL, Agencies, TRZ etc. "A melting pot of (SP) society" if you may.

I personally have not been disappointed with any of the girls at PAL and I don't think any of my friends here have either; but again, what I consider a repeat and for what reasons, you may not.

BTW, Fair question and thanks.

Oh, and welcome to the community.


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Re: [email protected]

Excellent review as usual Iceman, and I will definitely sample this little hotty. Just one thing "The Rayden" should only be attempted only by trained professionals!! A minimum of 30 tongue push-ups is a prerequisite. :lol:
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