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culo grande

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Joined Jan 9, 2010
Messages 59

Saw her while ago. Pre-arranged for her to come by hotel in a black victorian outfit. Didn't have standby suck n' fuck session on the brain. Was in the mood for some role-playing and she was more than game. Session began with her instructing me to lie on the floor. She climbed up on top of my chest and ordered me to worship her 4' black stiletto's. She was very precise on how she wanted me to show her shoes affection. Licking the soles, sucking the heels etc. Then orders me to kneel on my knees. Spits and slaps my face and tells me I'm her worthless little bitch. My kinda gal. Get up on my feet and she orders me to bend-over by the edge of the nightstand table. Walks over to her hand bag, and pulls out a 8' rubber cock. Straps it on, slaps my ass, and without much warning, begins pushing her cock up my ass. Upon entry, I initially resist, she grabs the hair at the back of my head and tells me to shut the fuck-up and that she was going to turn me out. Have to admit, the abuse was a total turn-on, but I was also terrified. Stroking my own cock, she sensed I was getting close to cumming, she told me if I released myself, she was going to make my eat it. True to her word, she made me lap-up my own sticky mess.

Overall, session was a mind-fuck. Not something I'd do everyday, but a fun break from the point n' insert sp routine.

love exotics

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Joined Dec 29, 2009
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culo grande said:
Licking the soles, sucking the heels
Spits and slaps my face
Straps it on, slaps my ass, and without much warning, begins pushing her cock up my ass
she made me lap-up my own sticky mess.

f**kin trippy dude


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Joined Jan 31, 2010
Messages 707
I ran culo grande through an Italian translator. It stands for BIG ASS, I get it now.:eek: That is a very different session, glad you enjoyed it!

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