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Roommates Callie and Faith @ Roommates duo review - I popped my duo cherry!

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Joined Oct 19, 2015
Messages 10
This will be my first review here at CAERF ... so what a better way than sharing popping my duo cherry experience with Callie and Faith @Roommates :biggrin2:
This experience happened a couple of weeks ago, but still having hot-sexy memories about this experience with this two sexy well reviewed ladies

Having a duo has been on my bucket list for a while and finally I did it!!

Callie from Roommates is my favourite lady in general (I have seen her several times almost since she begun at RM last year) . After being on the talks for a while with Callie to pop my duo cherry, finally we were able to set a convenient date for this experience with her “best duo partner in crime” and BFF, Faith.

Having seen both ladies before, Callie several times and Faith a few weeks ago before setting the duo, made things easier in terms of chemistry among the 3 of us.

Callie did a great job coordinating the duo’s date and location. I was able to see them at the Roommates location at Bay St. Much modern and nicer Condo than the apartments at Wood St. I hope Callie and Faith will continue working more frequently at the Bay location .. Wink! Wink!
… Definitely will attract more clients to them and to RM (Or at least would be great if for their duos they could use that location). At the time set for the appointment we were the only ones using the Condo, which was perfect, because I brought a bottle of white wine “Menage a Trois” and some cheese and berries to nibble for the celebration, plus I also brought a couple of thoughtful gifts for the ladies, for making my “Popping my duo cherry” happen!

In term of looks and service, both Callie and Faith have been very well reviewed, individually and in duos, and all the great comments are really well deserved. There isn't much to add over what has already been said about these 2 fabulous ladies. Honestly, believe the hype!!

I won’t go into much detail, but the highlights of the session for me where:

  • Definitely, they are dynamic duo. There is great chemistry between them. They are super fun and get along very well, and that shows during the duo action, because they are very engaging and interactive among themselves (Supper Yummy!!).
  • The action begun with foreplay with Faith, while Callie was down on me; then Faith joined Callie for a superb double BBBJ. Seeing these 2 hotties down on me was fantastic.
  • A lot of blurry images of kisses, hands, and bodies moving everywhere.
  • One of the hottest parts for me: We did a double daty. First Callie and I down on Faith, then Faith and I down on Callie (the feeling of the tongue of the ladies with mine going down on the other lady was out of this world.
  • Callie riding me in CG, while I was daty Faith who was sitting on my face.
  • Doggie with Callie while she was down on Faith. Then doggie with Faith, while she was down on Callie
  • Mish with Faith while both ladies were kissing and touching among themselves
  • Back to doggie with Callie (OMG the view of Callie's firm bum in doggie is
    ), while she continues pleasuring Faith. First, Callie makes Faith come, and then I make Callie come in doggie. Finally, was my time, so we finished with a CIM/COF while I was stand up and the ladies were lying at the border of the bed.

What a session!! 10/10
for me. The best I have ever experienced in the hobby.

If you haven’t seen them in a duo, you don’t know what you are missing!! Go and book!!!
Definitively, a Callie and Faith duo is something to experience. Gents, treat the ladies well, and you will be rewarded!

You can see more info at:
Faith: (for privacy reasons Faith doesn’t have a personal profile on RM website - but she she is there)

And follow them on Twitter:

(there are some sexy pics of the pre-duo celebration on Callie's twitter)


Didn't know they had a Bay St. location. I know, where have I been hiding lol.

Awesome review on an incredible time Jr.


Joined Oct 19, 2015
Messages 10
Thanks for the comments guys. Glad you liked the review.
Both ladies are amazing and so sweet and have playful naughty side that I enjoyed so much.

Ipost .. RM has a Bay St location, but its not used frequently. Only few girls use it (i.e. when they have girls coming from out of town). And I think is not used every day. You need to ask directly RM for more details about who is using that location and when.


meyma72 said:
Ipost .. RM has a Bay St location, but its not used frequently. Only few girls use it (i.e. when they have girls coming from out of town). And I think is not used every day. You need to ask directly RM for more details about who is using that location and when.

Thanks brother.


Joined Dec 4, 2010
Messages 696
Nice review and nice to hear about the other nicer location....RM's just wouldn't be RM's without the shitty Wood St location!
Joined May 12, 2016
Messages 171
duos only work great if the girls know how to give a good duo blowjob and got good chemistry.

one on the balls other on the head. Or some 69 thrown in with the blowjob/multiple fucking positions.

Kinkier the better!:bad:

What A Wookie

Joined Dec 21, 2009
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Sounds like an amazing time was had! Thanks for sharing. Reminds me that I need to do my first duo still..


Joined Oct 19, 2015
Messages 10
Jerkthis said:
Just be glad you got out alive Funky & Music

Lol .. Yes I did survive .. And I am too crazy that I am already planning with Callie and encore duo session with these two fabulous ladies :) ... Don't worry still recovering from this one, so the encore duo will happen in a few weeks from now Lol :Wink:

And as other mentioned ... As I attest in my duo, chemistry among the ladies is super important in a duo. The more they know each other, the more they get along well ... the better for the duo session. That's why when we begun to talk about the duo with Callie, she without a doubt hands down suggested Faith (I initially suggested her between Blake, Effie and Faith). They really like each other and their chemistry is fabulous and that shows during the session ... the better for us right? /-Thumbs-up::/
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