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Joined Dec 8, 2009
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Well boys.. finally got some free time and Cloe told me Caitlyn was working last Sunday.. so i booked her for the hour.
Booking was smooth and Cloe ... oh sooo sexy on phone!! got me primed up for Caitlyn.
I walked in and and almost in sexy pose stood this hot blondish babe with nice full lips, she walked over to me and i introduced my self and with a light kiss on the lips.
She was wearing black high heels, a short dress and white shirt.. similar to pics on Roommates page. We entered the room and she hugged me and began to lightly kiss my neck and whispered that if I'd like something to drink. I had a raging hard on as this is the dream girl you guys always see at the bus stop and would die to pick up and fuck.. always dream about this many times. I said i needed to freshen up and glass of water is fine.
When i came back to room, she was sitting on the bed with her legs wide open and leaning back so i could see up her dress, i just fell to my knees and began to lick the insides of her legs, i worked my way up to a clean super smooth set of lips.. wow i put her legs over my shoulder , and began some gentle DATY.. i loved her sweet pussy lips. She complimented my on how gentle i was and how good it felt, she was moaning very softly with and her breathing was louder and louder, she was driving me nuts, her juices were starting to flow as i could taste a bit of flavour to her pussy now. and wow did that ever get me hard.
She said she could wait to return the favour and asked me to stand up in front of her, She removed my towel and my cock almost flipped up hitting her in the chin.. lol she laughed and said i guess he is happy to see me. Yea..... ur right. she began some very soft and sensuous BBJ and slowly taking it in deeper and then just going back to teasing the head.
She removed her top while doing this and revealed one of the nicest set of natural tits i have seen, they slopped up a bit the way only a 19 year old could have. I played with them while she continued with her BBJ.. boy i was starting to get that feeling.. you know the one just before you cum, so i pulled her up and began to LFK very gently and then it turned into DFK. I held her like a precious doll, and it felt like when i was a teenager with my first girlfriend. Just genuine love making.
she was about to take her dress off, but i asked her to leave it on. She covered me up and then laid on her back in missionary and i lifted her dress while she slowly guided my cock into her tight pussy. She moaned ever so softly yet was breathing so heavy with every thrust.. she held her arms tight around my back and wasn't long before i felt like blowing , so i asked her to go on all fours for Doggy position.
She kept her heels on and what an ass!!, very full and round !! i entered her in Doggy and looking in the mirror at her beautiful tits juggling as i pounded made me loose control in no time . I blew it seemed like the best load know the "Volcanic explosion" if you know what i mean.
Caitlyn was a total dream come true, not your porn star, but the innocent girl that you often see in the public and if ever given the chance to fuck, you would cherish the opportunity and appreciate her beauty and innocence.
Didn't feel like a SP at all to me, but i didn't go in expecting a fuck fest either. I went in looking for the unique experience which is hard to find. She does have a bit of Alicia Silverstone look but really i think even prettier. I really got along with her and What can i say.. this girl if treated right really opened up to be an amazing GFE experience.


Nice one opsop...kinda nice when a session brings you back to some good memories eh?


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Joined Nov 12, 2009
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Nice review Opsoprano, I'm glad that you had a great time with her. Thanks for Sharing it.


king21 said:
and WTF is Chloe?, why haven't I spoken to her yet? lol:lol:

Yea who is Chloe I haven't spoken to her either. Oso my vote goes for you for review of the month, it's a WOW review.


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Joined Mar 12, 2010
Messages 229
sweet review dude, man I've got to try out the RM girls one of these days. I just wish their hours went farther than 7pm at night. Something closer to 9-10 would be so much better.

Oh well one of these days...


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Joined Feb 13, 2010
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Soprano you sure like your RM girls had a blast reading your review.

Borey the Bald

JDHomersimpson said:
I just wish their hours went farther than 7pm at night.

Is 7 pm last booking you can do or they close shop at that time?

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