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Gordon Ramsey

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Joined Mar 19, 2010
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brynnwinters said:
No I don't, sorry. My incall is located near Yonge and Dundas. However, I do occasionally travel to different cities (Ottawa, Halifax, Moncton, Calgary...etc).

How about Vegas?

I could easily be convinced to shut down Hell's Kitchen for the day. :666:


ChaosTheory said:
You should come down to Hamilton/Burlington sometime.
But don't tell HOF because he will book you for your whole time here and then we will not be able to get to meet you.

I am just kidding ...but it has happened before...sigh...Noir....sniff...sniff.
HoF! Roar!

GODDESS BRYNN, if you cum to Hamilton, I'd love to take you on a wine tour to Niagara on the Lake, followed by visit to the Falls and return to my abode for alittle bump and grind;) :love::tongue::love::tongue:


Joined Mar 28, 2010
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HOF said:
GODDESS BRYNN, if you cum to Hamilton, I'd love to take you on a wine tour to Niagara on the Lake, followed by visit to the Falls and return to my abode for alittle bump and grind;)

What a coincidence me too Brynn!

Its on HOF!!!

lol. :party::lol:

Just kidding bro, there is plenty of Brynn for all of us...i think...i hope.


Joined Sep 16, 2010
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HOF said:
HOF's Angels or Devils (Brynn & Scarlett)
Well, this is one adventure that I have to say, I want to repeat again and again.

Please remember that YMMV as be respectful to the ladies.

Let me start by stating the opening line from the Prodigy's song, Mindfields, "This is dangerous, open up your head feel the shellshock; this is dangerous, I walk through mindfields and watch your head rock." These deadly blonde bombshells are not for the faint of heart!!!!

Brynn and Scarlett are virtually carbon copies of one another. 5'2, I know because I'm alittle taller than they are. The most fucking incredible curves from head to toe. Just their curvaceous bodies will make you stand at attention. Then, the blonde hair, take me to bed eyes, succulent lips, and truly million dollar smiles. Just being around them makes you want to smile. They both remind me of the old commodores song, redone by Rob Zombie. "She's a brick house, lady's stack that's a fact." To see them naked is breathtaking, to lay naked entwined with them in sexual pleasure is PRICELESS!

Friday had arrived; it was a sombre day for me and I had arranged a visit with these beauties, and nobody left disappointed! As usual, I arrived in TO early and took a seat at the neighbourhood watering hole. I endulged in a beverage and waited to see who would wander in this time.

Well, I had the nicest surprise as Brynn came up behind me, placed her hand on my thigh and said hi HOF. I had sent Brynn a picture so she would know who to look for at the watering hole. Just as Brynn sat down, who wanders in, Gen. I said to Gen, "we have to stop bumping into each other like this, when are so many better ways to bump into each other." The ladies and I shared a drink, and Brynn was incredibly eager to get to Scarlet's Web.

As Brynn and I our walking down the street hand in hand, she tells me that she is nervous with excitement and that she thinks Scarlett is so gorgeous. My reply, "I'm the luckiest guy in the world today". With a lovely smile, Brynn replied, "We're lucky ladies too."

Although I was somewhat meloncholy, I did have my swagger working for me today. Brynn squeezed my hand tightly as we approached Scarlett's web. I knocked and could her Scarlett's heels coming towards the door. Slowly the door opens, and we enter. The ladies take one look at each other and say, "Wow, we really do look similar." I took my cue and asked if they were fook you and fook me, and let's start fookin' around! LMAO.

Scarlett in this sexy black lace bra and panty set is so stunningly gorgeous; she and I chat for a bit, as Brynn disappeared for a moment only to return as a very, very, very naughty school girl. I couldn't wait to spank her bottom with my cane
I had the ladies close their eyes as I had a surprise for them. "Hold out your hands and keep your eyes closed." I said. Scarlett said, he's gonna put a dildo in your hands. LOL. I had purchased alittle gift for the ladies from the body shop.

The vixens wanted to take a couple of pictures, so I gladly offered to help them out. They are two sexy, slutty little kittens. Now, I ran off to take a quick shower and freshen up before we all got down and dirty! So, I positioned myself on the bed, closed my eyes and yelled, "It's cold in here, would you cum warm me up" I kept my eyes closed and this incredible wet tongue licking my nipples and sliding downwards to the South. Suddenly, my manhood was gone into this beautiful warm and wet mouth. I knew it was Brynn because I knew how Scarlett attacks my member. This was one incredible oral stimulation. Both ladies making love to my cock with their mouths and stimulating the crown jewels with tongues and finger nails. What an incredible sight and feeling.

Now, I really wanted to have the kittens play and play they did. These two blonde bombshells had a lust for each in their eyes that I've never seen in my life. Their passionate DFK with each other was so sexy. We started some threeway kissing and fondling of each others love areas, and I said girls I want you in a 69. Believe me they had no problem, and I had the pleasure of going back and forth to add a tongue in the fun. Let me say that they really like each other, their passionate screams of lust were only outdown by their body quivering orgasms on each other. Scarlett required a moment to recouperate, so that was my signal to feast on Brynn's beautiful kitty, tasty and sweet like the nectar of a goodess.

Upon Scarlett's return, she had her pouty face. "HOF, eat me baby." Scarlett said. How can I refuse that offer? It's about time for me to get my groove on, so I had Brynn position herself on my face and pulled her right down so that she was sitting on my face. Scarlett had positioned herself in cowgirl, and I could hear the girls sloppy wet kisses, amongst their moans of being orally pleasured and penetrated by me.

I had another little surprise for the ladies, so into my bag of tricks. Out comes the double headed dildo. These two went to work on that dildo together in the missionary position. Scarlett came so hard, she left the sheets moist in you know what I mean. She even said that she felt light headed. I think that I created two SEX-MONSTERS. Yay, for me! I popped their duo cherries! Believe me, everytime, I hear the songs "Your sex is on Fire and Use Somebody" by the kings of leon, I'll be thinking about last night.

It's hard to discribe the actual sexual experience except that it was utterly incredible to be with these two gorgeous women. They both are passionate, wonderful lovers, all three of our bodies meshed during our playtime, and I knew I was a betterman for bringing them together. In fact, We're thinking about a midweek tryst and inviting one other lovely lady into the mix if we can get ahold of her that will complete HOF's angels porno style. LMAO.

I know that the ladies are having professional duo photos taken this week. I hope that they send some to my private email.

From the song "I tripped through your wire." by U2. "In the distance you saw me comin' right out, I was callin' out, I was callin' out. Still shakin, still in pain, you put me back together again, I was cold and you clothed me honey, I was down and you lifted me honey. Angel or Devil, I was thirsty and you wet my lips. You, I'm waitin' for you, you, you set my desire, I tripped through your wire." This explains the entire experience of BRYNN & SCARLETT. I've tripped through their wire!

Brynn reminds me of Jennifer Tilly or Gena Gershon. She is simply one of the sexiest women that anyone will ever meet. Brynn is one of my favourite ladies without question. Even with her new pictures, they truly do not do her justice, she has a classic beauty.

Wow :great::great:

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