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About a week ago a friend and I decided to meet up for lunch. While at lunch we were chatting about MP's when he told me about Steeles Royal (SRM). I generally venture out to Muse or Plats as they are easy access to transit but opportunity knocks when you have a car and your friend offers you to go to SRM. So after lunch we headed to the Steeles location

Apon arriving we greeted the receptionist and asked which girls were available. She told us to have a seat and I'll have the girls come out. The place looks nice and clean. Want to apologize first before I mention the girls in the line up I honestly don't remember some of the girls names as they came out I believe we saw 6-8 girls. Here are the ones I remember.... Kora, Carla, kimora, Cindy, Robin, Rebecca

None of the girls interest me but, they all look great they introduced themselves accept one Robin she look disinterested didn't want to shake my buddies and my hand like the other girls did tho, the one that I actually wanted to see was not in the line up she was still in session. I asked the receptionist if Brooke was available she said, "she won't be available till 3:30pm" so I booked her for 3:30. My buddy had no interest of the line up at Steeles and just wanted me to have a good time, I said, "ok, are you sure don't want you to wait for half hour". "It's all good have fun next time I'll go". "I replied,ok then"

So we had time to kill so we stopped by Bramelea shopping mall roamed around for 20mins then headed back to Steeles.

As we returned my buddy waits in the car and I enter the spa a brief chat with the receptionist to say I'm here to see Brooke for my 3:30pm appointment. I pay for the half hour ($50) then she goes to checked my room to see if it's ready but apparently still had to be cleaned, so I waited in the lounge. After 15mins my room is finally ready the receptionist leads me to my room. Thinking to myself I hope that my 30mins session still stands. Hate to have a quick/rushed session

As I enter the room notice a cooler with water in it thought that's nifty she then turns the shower on thinking to myself "that's different" never had a receptionist turn on the shower for me before. As she left I take my clothes off and enter the shower. The water was a tad hot so I turned the knob but it gets hotter what the hell where's the cold water. Turned another knob below it that didn't help it turn another shower on in the middle. Turned back to the original setting and took a hot shower 😕 derp! Dried off, sat on the table and waited.

5 mins after walks in Brooke wearing a white low cut t-shirt and black panties. The pic on the site is pretty accurate just instead of black hair she had highlights and a small tatoo for those who care, normally not a fan but it was tasteful. She has a beautiful face very pretty. We introduced ourselves and chatted a bit then I jumped on the table on my stomach.

So the last time I had a non all-inclusive was back when Plush spa was still around and usually opted for the BS, which I never got the menu from Brooke. But in this case it didn't matter. We will see how it goes.

She first takes off her top and bottom, she then started with a semi hard massage on my back which was really nice I really needed it after a stressful week. Then some light brushes of her finger tips which was also nice. She then worked on my legs for a bit then my back again. She then lead my hands to her squeezable butt, I then began to squeez and massage her butt. Then I began to brush my fingers up and down from her butt to her inner tighs, I then noticed that she is getting goosebumps. (Side note the only other MPA that had goosebumps whenever I massage her was Destiny/Angel @ Plush/Platinum spa she has been retired for a while now) anyhow I then asked if she wanted a massage she then accepted the offer. I jump off, she then jump on the table laying down on her stomach, I then jumped on and began to massage her back. Once again she is getting goosebumps, she replied "your massages are giving me goosebumps" I smiled, I then moved down to her butt. Worked in the area for a bit and then started to work on her legs.

After a few minutes I asked if she wanted her front masaged as well with no hesitation she turned over. I began massaging her stomach then slowly moved to her chest then a rotation from her shulders and neck. She then replied "are you a RMT or took lessons" I said "no" she replied "it feels so good, I'm so relaxed I'm falling asleep" I once again smiled. I then moved my hands to her enhanced DD's which I find nice tho they felt and looked like C's to me. (I'm not overly into huge breast I like them between B's and C's) anyhow worked on those puppies for a while.

I then went down to her legs started to work on her thighs as she began to giggle. Apparently she is ticklish in that area (which reminds me of Carmen/Kendra formally from Muse she was really ticklish) then worked my way towards her thighs as I get closer to her crotch (all within mp limits) I start to massage her clit. Where I was satisfying her for minutes. After she reached her orgasmic peek she then replied "I wanna keep you here for myself" then we both realized we went passed our time just hope she didn't have an appointment after me 😬 I apologize

We then both got off the table and I jumped back on laying on my back, she then jumped back on as well and in a 69 position, she started to stroke junior slow and easy with me facing her goods I once again played with her clit minutes after I shot a load of some creamy goodness.

She then got a rag cleaned me up then turn the shower on for me (for the life of me I could not figure that damn thing out lol) she then explained how it worked. Got in the showerd got changed, Brooke then takes a shower then cleans the room paided my dues ($110). A big hug then tells me "hope to see you again I loved the massage it was amazing". Then out the door.

Looks: 8.5 - pretty/cute face has a GND look
Body: 9 - curves in all the right places
Massage: 8 - has good strong hands help take some of the knots away
Cleanliness: 10 - very clean/cleans room
Attitude: 9.5 - really nice to talk to
Repeat: Yes


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I do miss miss viewing a line up before picking. Is this not the norm anymore?.


Joined Oct 21, 2012
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I normally don't do the line ups, I usually pick a girl most captivating pics then research them. When I find any good reviews I book them, but in this case I was with a buddy and wanted to check out the girls before hand.


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I normally don't do the line ups, I usually pick a girl most captivating pics then research them. When I find any good reviews I book them, but in this case I was with a buddy and wanted to check out the girls before hand.

It's a catch 22 and what makes you feel better.


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Great review! I laughed reading it because I’ve had exactly the same problem with the showers at SRM!
Even after Kimora explained it to me, I still had trouble figuring the damn thing out :)
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