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Joined Nov 9, 2015
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Sorry for taking so long but was travelling the last month. A lot has been said but she is really a very special person. Her looks and service have been spoken of often, but her personality and how she really cares is top notch. IMHO one of the top if not the top girl out there


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Joined Jan 22, 2014
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Thanks, can you at least put reviews of others so we know what you mean. A link to their site, what she is like and what type of goodies she gives.


Joined Mar 11, 2014
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J Strummer

Joined Jul 9, 2013
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I agree with you daredevil33, completely.

Brandy is a true GEM. Beauty, personality, looks, service... up there. :YMAPPLAUSE:

What A Wookie

Joined Dec 21, 2009
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Thanks for sharing. I've had the pleasure of Brandy's company several times and agree with everything.


Joined Dec 5, 2009
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The best PSE experience I've ever had. Added to being a warm, caring person out of bed makes Brandy one of the top Compnions I've had the pleasure of being with in my 8 years in the scene.
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