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IN-Call Birthday Foursome w Scarlett, Sofia and Sydney - I Barely Made It Out Alive!

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Please remember, YMMV :mrgreen:

Another birthday crept up silently upon me yet again this year, so in order to ensure all the naughty bits on this fat, sloppy, bald and otherwise droopy assed old man still worked, decided it was time again to give my mind, body, and soul their annual “stress test.”

What better way to shock your system than spending five PSE hours with three of the most beautiful and incredibly sexy women on the planet: Scarlett @ Mirage, Sofia @ Mirage, and Sydney @ Roommates…

Andy and Sara were incredible in facilitating this rare agency “crossover” session, working around everyone’s individual professional and personal schedules and commitments, not to mention finding accommodations for such an extended session.

Should note it’s also no easy feat finding three staggeringly beautiful ladies, all into girls, all willing to do an extended kinky, fetish-driven and very interactive session together…hats off to Andy, man he knows his women, that’s for damn sure.

We settled on a newly redecorated Mirage condo that was very high end, immaculately clean, great lighting, and completely wall to wall mirrors in the suites which makes for fantastic effect during the action for all participants, in all angles and stages of engagement. Bathrooms are super clean and well appointed, stacks of neatly folded linen and crisp clean towels at arms length, lots of choice of soaps/shampoos/mouthwashes etc…the setup is everything you’d expect from an executive class agency and more.

On top of that, as a birthday gift, Mirage sprang for drinks in the fridge, plus two ice cold 26’s of Goose in the freezer for us to do bar shots, and three boxes of gourmet chocolates to snack on to up the energy, as it were. All class, all the time – Mirage is some setup.

I had made a couple of requests of the girls in advance in terms of clothes, makeup and some kinky play fetishes, and the girls were each spot on to the smallest details when I arrived, and were already laughing and getting along famously considering none had ever met the others prior to this session, although I had met them each separately previously. (My ears were definitely burning moments after I arrived LOL!)

Scarlett was stunning in five inch black patent stiletto boots, lacy booty panties and tight tank top emphasizing her ample charms, sexy pouty lips glossed and long dark lashes lined with my favorite dark liner and mascara….and that smile of hers! Turns night to day, and those dimples just charm the hell out of me every time she beams her pearly whites at me. She had her silky blonde locks pinned up in a cute ‘tail – everything about her said “supermodel” from top to bottom.

Sydney and those mesmerizing blue eyes of hers, her cute bum swaying seductively under her snug zippered denim dress, the wisps of light brown hair teasing her delicate brow with those sexy bangs, makeup oh so sweet and emphasizing just how tantalizing gorgeous she is to look at. Just wanted to kiss her softly, from the moment I saw her.

…and Sofia, the modern day Esmeralda, able to steal hearts and inspire lifelong desire with a single glance. Dressed in black boots and tight short shorts, Sofia was staggeringly hot in a plain white cotton tank top that appeared to be in excruciating pain from being cruelly stretched across her frontal landscape to full effect, thick hard nipples straining for attention through the thin fabric…

The next five hours were a dream cum true, from watching these vixens undress and reveal those heavenly bodies, to hearing the passion-driven moans and cries of erotic pleasure coming from each of the girls over and over…outstanding!

Too many details to list, but here are a number of the favorite fantasy activities that are still burning their way through my memory..

Watching Sydney fuck the daylights out of Scarlett with the strap-on in doggie while Sofia DFK’d Scarlett, then used a vibrator on her own pussy so Scarlett could watch.

Watching Sofia fuck the daylights out of Sydney with the strap-on in doggie – a long, hard, pussy pounding with Sofia pulling her hair, slapping her ass, and talking a dirty blue streak while Sydney begged for more…total girl on girl domination.

The complete domination of Scarlett by the other girls during some toy driven forced orgasm play – her on her back, those luscious thighs and knees spread wide, Sydney straddling her face for forced pussy worship while Sofia and I used our toys on her sopping wet & silky smooth pussy to make her cum uncontrollably. Sydney using the soft kid flogger gently across her tits to make her nipples stand up rock hard and proud…(Scarlett later returned the favor in spades for Sydney when it was her turn! LOL!)

Doing Scarlett doggie with Sofia rimming me, then double digit finger fucking my ass like crazy, combined with Sydney alternating between DFKing me and Scarlett while she pulled Scarlett’s hair and slapped her face lightly.

Scarlett biting the crap out of my shoulder while staring seductively into my eyes and leaving three amazingly exciting black/purple bruises to admire for the next week, while Sydney and Sofia provided wicked BBBJ/HJ/BLS.

Watching Sofia and Sydney in an all out sexfest in 69, Sofia on top destroying Syd’s pussy with her tongue while Sydney devoured Sofia’s pussy and ass from underneath, each girl screaming at the other not to stop, and moaning loudly over the music with pleasure. All the while, I was drilling Sofia’s sweet bum and finished with a superbly wet cum across Sofia’s amazing ass with a shared facial for Sydney still below.

Standing 69 with Scarlett beside the bed, which surprised everyone! But sometimes ya’ just gotta go for it! LOL!

Receiving two massive facial GSs from Sydney and Sofia, a first for both girls, but HUGELY exciting for me and a favorite fetish activity for sure.

Watching Sydney force multiple loud orgasms out of Sofia’s writhing body with fingers in her pussy, mine in her ass, and tortuous toys on her clit while I DFK’d Sofia, played with her phenomenal breasts, and tortured those thick, juicy brown nipples.

It was a completely surreal session, the absolute best I’ve ever experienced in all honesty, and I have nothing but enormous respect for and thanks to the ladies for putting on one hell of a birthday show! If I never hobby again, this would be the single session to top them all, certainly and epic encounter with three astoundingly gorgeous divas who easily impressed and vastly outpaced this sorry dude’s wrinkled old ass. Man I hope they’re still around next year for another wild on!

Thanks again to the girls, and especially to Mirage and Roommates for all their efforts to pull this one off. No better agencies around, no classier people than Andy and Sara.


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Incredible review Demien. You have stamina and courage. So far, I have only been able to muster enough courage to see 2 women at a time!



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Joined Mar 12, 2010
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wow DK that sounded pretty much like a porno movie..LOL. Grats and happy Bday.

Nice to see that some of the agencies are okay with some cross-overs. Even more encouraging when the girls are okay with it and end up having so much fun.


Joined Apr 15, 2010
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Holy...moly! session and review! If I can setup a similar session for my birthday, I'll turn into another curious case of Benjamin Button...

Knight Rider

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Awesome review, Demien and Happy Birthday! :party:

That was definitely a mindblowing 5 hour session with those 3 lovely ladies.



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Wow, this sounds like your best session ever, that you've posted!

How you you do it? I am not sure if I could keep it up and keep everyone fully engaged for 5 hours. Remember a thread awhile ago, when we suggested you run a "session" to teach us "newbies"?


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This must be what heaven is like!!!

man, that is one heck of a birthday and review!
I'd wish you a belated happy birthday but i don't think you need it :)

good work!


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Demien2k5 said:
Please remember, YMMV :mrgreen:

Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire! Happy Birthday Damien!
PS: How are you going to top this for your next birthday. How about adding another girl each year!


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Not sure what to say_______ its was an ok review_____I am a bad comedian.

OUTSTANDING have a drink on me Demien. :drunk:


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Next time invite us to your Birthday party Demien. We can rent a tent and chairs for the caerf members.:go:


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How many times have you seen the 3 sp before Demien. My recollection is this is the second time with each?.


clintE said:
How many times have you seen the 3 sp before Demien. My recollection is this is the second time with each?.

I had only seen Scarlett once before, but have seen Sofia 3-4 times, and Sydney twice previously.
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