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love exotics

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garlic pepper
lee garden

golden turtle
khmer thai
mi mi's
pho hung

golden thai
bangkok garden
young thailand
mengrai thai

korean house
ka chi
korean grill house

solo sushi
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My personal favourites:

Japanese - sushi is still best in Japan, still miss that
Guu Izakaya - very popular, either show up early or late or you'll have to wait, fun atmosphere
Ematei - their cooked food is quite good, sushi is decent
Solo Sushi Bekkan - sushi was good, quite fresh
Sushi Kaji

Asian Fusion

Mengrai Gourmet Thai

Golden Turtle
Hanoi 3 Seasons (Northern Vietnamese style)

I've been rather disappointed with the Chinese food downtown, nothing really has stood out. Korean, I can't remember the names of the restaurants I like, just the locations.


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Try the Thai rice noodles at the Bangkok Garden, best in the city.
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