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Best and dumbest inventions ever made.

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[h=1]Shoe that Grows grows up to 5 sizes so poor kids always have shoes that fit[/h][h=2]Kenton Lee developed a shoe that uses straps and snaps to grow up to five times their size, allowing kids to keep their shoes for years.[/h]
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Duke69 said:
What are to your eyes the best things ever invented.

I will start with an easy one.

The telephone.

The THONG THE G-STRING THE BIKINI, LINGERIE.......Corsets, Stockings.........Need I say more!?!??!

and a sexy dumb ho in a monokini ;-D
Joined Mar 27, 2015
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Internet has fucked up society even more, making more and more introverted...

The Shitbox too, since it is biased and racist, and makes many of the youth in society a victim of bullying and depression........and leads many to suicide and mental issues thanks to the word "Vanity"

and those celebs are butt fucking ugly most of the time too......;-P


That's the Bad, I started with the good 2 posts up and had some sexy visions running through my head.............for a Change, Just goes to show........I'm not always that Bad... ~`;-D

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