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Best and dumbest inventions ever made.

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Louis XIV

Toss up between the internal combustion engine and electric power.


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Fire...............It gave us light when there was none and prevents raw Bacon.

Flush toilets have proven pretty good.

Now if we could just keep Bob's from emptying into his thoughts


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Viagra. Gives old guys a reason to see young women. And BITI to visit the donkey farm.


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The bicycle won by a landslide in a BBC poll. :good:

Bicycle - 59%
Transistor - 8%
Electro-magnetic induction ring - 8%
Computer - 6%
Germ theory of infection - 5%
Radio - 5%
Internet - 4%
Internal combustion engine - 3%
Nuclear power - 1%
Communications satellite - 1%
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No, seriously...the most widely used invention, one that we have all benefitted from and use on a daily, if not hourly basis.

The Zipper.
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bolt.upright said:
Yeah, the wheel? The printing press? Telephone, telegraph, radio, television?

Pathetic really. Shows where YOUR head is at. :biggrin2:

I'm going with WOMEN on this one. Best invention ever. The power to piss us off and get us horny all within 5 minutes is unrivaled.


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The best invention ever was the BBBJTCCIMWSNQNS! It's all been downhill after that came along!


dr tongue

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escapefromstress said:
I remember pay toilets in train stations when I was a kid. You had to put a dime in the slot before the door would open.
Thank God I knew how to do the limbo!


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[h=1]Movie theaters with screens in the bathroom so you dont miss anything.[/h]

[h=1]Wall outlets with USB chargers.[/h]

[h=1]Bike racks that don't take up sidewalk space.[/h]

[h=1]Pizza carriers.[/h]
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