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Besides the hobby, what is the # 1 thing you like to do that makes you happy.

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What really makes you happy.
What do you enjoy doing and never be bored doing it (No sex topics guys)
What makes you relax.

I enjoy the walks with my wife and doggie as well as helping others fulfill their dreams. I am a sucker for the poor and weak, gives me a high when I can help the needy.


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Walking my dog is also high on my list, as is playing with her, teaching her a new trick (she knows SO MANY!!) or cuddling with her. All these things make me happy.


Joined Nov 17, 2009
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watching movies and hanging with the guys in my man cave (Home Theater), Golfing and running .. not necessarily in that order.


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going out with and pampering a special lady
playing sports,
relaxing on the beach (taking long walks on the,
doing fine arts (drawing, painting..or whatever)


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an intense thunder storm, watching the sun rise or set in a remote location.


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Spending time with loved ones makes me truly happy. Whether it's doing something important (helping them during a crucial life event), something mundane (errands) or nothing at all (just chilling out). Time is something that can't be bought, can never be replaced but will always be cherished.

Other things don't make me happy. They are just distractions, especially the hobby.

banana boi

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Reading CAERF! :)

To me there's no bigger thrill than driving a real fast speedboat.


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I enjoy going for a long run, watching a good movie, drinking a glass of red wine with a fine home made dinner.


olayda said:
Literally nothing makes me more relaxed and happy than riding my motorcycle

Bro...we gotta go out for a ride!! As long as you don't mind a loud and obnoxious HD riding beside you setting off car alarms!

Adelle St Clair said:
When I was young I used to do this with my Dad, the freedom of the road with an experienced driver is amazing.

You, me, Big O and Gen, Nikki, RR...all out for a ride together...THAT's a good time!


rawd I think like you. But now I am at an outdoor after wedding party and looking at all the cleavages makes me happy. LOL watch out guys starting to drink my eyes are cross eyed looking at all these fresh breasts. Damn yes I am an addict.


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LOL! beenthere123, I'm sure you can distinguish between lust and love. :tongue:


drinkgin lots of Stoli and wathhing re-rins of Gilmore Girls

Damn I could'a banged her a few years back



I just told the groom to log on to after his first year and the 5 year lease applies to him. Damn I am having a good time staring at these beauties.


lagavulin said:
Damn I could'a banged her a few years back

But I did have her ( or her twin, but not both) fuck she hwas amanzing.


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Hmmm what do I like to do besides the hobby, let me think.

still thinking




ok, let me sit on this question and I will get back to you BT.


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olayda said:
Literally nothing makes me more relaxed and happy than riding my motorcycle

I don't know about relaxed, you have to be on your guard constantly but I do love it....

There's one road just south of me that's brand new asphalt, lots of tight twists and turns through rock cuts and overhanging trees.....saw my first bear on that road....but yeah, there's nothing like it......big bore V twin, torque til tuesday, and can get up to 65 mph in 2nd gear.....

_ _

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Traveling with 3
Playing with the dogs
Sleeping in and cuddling with 3
Working out
Watching football with 3
Spending time at lakehouse with family
Dancing with 3


Well, let's see:

I like reminiscing It would appear that the ladies in my complex enjoy when dabble with the guitar or keyboard. It was 3am and I was still goin' strong last night.

I enjoy laughter in the rain.

I like dancing

Ziplining in Brazil, I went 2x this isn't me though!

Whitewater rafting: I went in the Ottawa valley.

Skydiving, I've gone 3x now and probably again in July for my birthday: This place is in Port Colburne.

There's so much more to list!


What? No sex topics? That isn't fair... LOL

OK, well here goes:

  1. Dinner on a patio bar with Mrs. CG. (Did that at The Keg on Friday evening)
  2. Riding my bike! Nothing beats an early morning ride on the river trails- just listening to nature. (Did this on Saturday morning...)
  3. Canoe trip with my wife & kids. (Did that Saturday afternoon.)
  4. Golfing! (Did that Sunday morning/ afternoon with my brothers)
  5. BBQ'ing on my Napoleon (Did that Sunday evening)
  6. Spending time with family (Did that Sunday!)
It was a FANTASTIC weekend! :great:


Oh, and like HOF said: white water rafting! Have a planned in a couple weeks!
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