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Babysitter Takes Kids Along for Bank Robbery. Be careful who you hire.

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– Apparently the Babysitters Club turned into more of a Babysitters Gang as they got older. The Coloradoan reports a 28-year-old babysitter allegedly used the two children she was taking care of to rob a bank Friday in Severance

Authorities say Rachel Einspahr pulled up to the drive-thru at the Colorado East Bank & Trust and used the vacuum tube to send a note to the teller. The note claimed there was a man in her SUV who was threatening to hurt her kids if she didn't get money for him, reports the AP.

"The bank teller, under the assumption that lives were in danger, gave her $500," NBC Newsquotes a sheriff's offices statement as saying. The SUV was found by authorities soon after the incident, and two suspects were detained.

The sheriff's office says there was never actually a man in the SUV, and it's unclear who the second person detained was. Einspahr was arrested on suspicion of robbery and child abuse. The children were not harmed.
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I love this post... thank you! This is a clever woman.... deeply disturbed and skewed in her thinking but incredibly clever nonetheless... I love that she even took into consideration the care and welfare of the kids.... She could have left them alone, but no she brought them along...... most likely thinking it was best for the kiddies, not processing the potential dangers.... I wonder what desperation or crisis motivated this action... I find it interesting to imagine and put myself in others shoes and contemplate what I would do..... I don't think I would ever do that, lol..... But who am I but a flawed whore to pass judgement?
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