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Avoiding the seven deadly RRSP sins

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A Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) should be the cornerstone of your retirement nest egg, especially if you don't have a company pension. Unfortunately, many Canadians fail to grasp the importance of RRSPs and make mistakes when managing them. Here are seven RRSP sins and tips on avoiding them.


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Re: Avoiding the seven deadly RRSP sins

A 25-year old who socks away $5,000 a year in an RRSP earning a 6 percent return would have $773,810 at age 65. Only $200,000 of that would be actual contributions. The rest reflects investment earnings from those contributions.

That would be me trick is to last till you are 65.


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Re: Avoiding the seven deadly RRSP sins

Don't buy any better to invest in secure investment, % would be higher in the long run.
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