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Ava Dawn (.)(.)

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Re: Ava Dawn (.)(.)

Please stop talking about my honey like shes a sex object. I'm very hurt and disgusted with some of you.

I'm very much in love with Ava......she just doesn't know it yet.

I'd totally romance her and and treat her like the Princess she is.

And after I'd suck on those tits for hours and dig into her snatch from behind with my hard cock, while tightly
grabbing those magnificent titties with my hands. Then paint those fucking butterflies with my hot white cum.


Re: Ava Dawn (.)(.)

I did think you like to share Ray? :twisted:


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Re: Ava Dawn (.)(.)

Beenthere123 said:
vrg said:
Ugh, she has piercings, nasty, therefore not a hottie but a nottie in my books.

Piercings or not I will do her in a heart beat.

I won't go anywhere near a woman who has piercings, as they turn me off mentally & physically!


Re: Ava Dawn (.)(.)

Guys...quit talkin' about my sister like that; I'm the only one that gets to fuck her :p
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