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Aura Electra, Billy Autumn, Camilla Lush, Harley Blake ALL AT ONCE - A Survivors Tale

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Joined Apr 29, 2013
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Summary: Greatest fucking experience ever!

Where to begin...

Let's start with the participants
Billy "Bad ASS" Autumn
Aura "Awestruck" Electra
Harley "Heart Breaker" Blake
Camilla "Luscious" Lush

I was about to give detailed descriptions about each of the gorgeous participants, how stunning they are, how fit they are, how jaw dropping their asses are...But fuck...Just see for yourself. What made this booking so simple was the fact that all of these ladies share generously with their twitter audience. There is absolutely no guessing. What you see (and drool over) is what you get. There is no photoshop here, just genuine sexy. The only thing I can add is each is ever BETTER in person. In person you can feel the soft skin, taste the lips and of course hear the pretty sounds of orgasm.

First acknowledgement goes to Billy. We were talking back and forth about getting together for a while and what started as a "Who do you like to play with?" conversation became "How many sexy girls can we play with at one time". They bounced a few ideas off of me, and I must say Billy has amazing taste, which aligned perfectly with mine. Aura had been recommended to me by Daley and I had eyes for her and a sincere lust for her from browsing her online profile(s). Harley is undeniably drop dead, so she was soon added to the mix and next came Camilla. I was trying to find some special time with Camilla and another playmate, but due to scheduling it didn't work I said, WTF, please join us and make this a fucktastic four! Luckily twitter helped make organizing easy as a group chat is perfect to have everyone discuss schedules and it really came together quite quickly. I have to say, if you ever want to ensure you keep a booking with an SP, simply invite another few stunning playmates and they will not miss it for the world.

So the day arrives and I am beyond excited. A twitter message here and there tells me I am not the only one excited about the event. Location was an incall through Allegra. Thank you for hosting! Considering this was 4 different people trying to coordinate at a new location in between other obligations, everything went beyond smooth. Got there on time, in a very short while I was knocking on the door.

Then BAM! Door opens and there is a gorgeous face with a smile there to greet me. Yes, Billy is a cutie. (something like this: The door swings open and surrounding a kitchen island is a pure fantasy come true. Camilla, Aura and Harley. Looking beyond sexy, next level sexy, draw dropping sexy in coordinated black lingerie. For those who have not already had there minds blown and their pants dropped, this is what it looked like: (Feel free to stop reading here and just enjoy that pic for the rest of your day)

So now I'm standing there thinking WTF have I got myself into. How can I possibly please each of this amazing group of stunners, I am only one man! Then of course I remembered, each of these girls were as hungry for each other as I was for them. If you are looking for a potential Duo (or more) partner, you can't go wrong with any combination of these ladies. You can mix and match and I am sure add them to another group if you like. I couldn't have asked for more 'down' people to join me. So a hello kiss, call it a sample, to take the temperature from each of them and it was very hot. A bit of chit chat and since we didn't have much time and everyone was excited it was a race to the shower to get ready. I was pleasantly surprised when Aura casually followed to the shower for a sneak peak. This Aura, I tell ya, pure SEX BOMB. Lust personified. I was instantly ready for action.

When I returned to the room the girls were laying across and overlapping on the bed. (Exactly who was where exactly when and how becomes fuzzy...I only have two eyes and there was SOO MUCH ACTION) I'm surrounded quickly and lips, tongues and hands follow. I can't help but get my hands around Aura's amazing tits. I soon have company and there is a mix of bodies. Towel is gone quick and I notice I am not the only naked one. Camilla is showing off all of her art and that soft smooth skin. I don't think there was a time when I was without 2 girls with their full attention on me. If Aura and I were kissing, Camilla was close by her tongue sliding along my neck and her hands sliding down my body. Billy with her glorious gagging sounds working down below and Harley (who I think at first was as overwhelmed as I was) would find her way between someones legs. There is no play by play, because I can't possibly tell you what everyone was doing at every time (if any other the sexy people involved want to chime in on their fav moments, I would encourage it).

TOYS! Toys were abound. Strap-ons were a must as again, I am only one man. Billy showed her experience working on Camilla and shortly after got to take it from Harley. Front row seat for this fucker...and as I said no one ever left me alone. So if ever my eyes and mouth were free, it meant two ladies were sharing and caring down below. Accronymns? BBBJ, DATY, DIGITS, DFK, LFK... Were all mutually enjoyed. My regret, standing too much, so I didn't DATY as much as would typically in a 1-on-1 session. Something tells me my substitutes probably did a better job as I don't remember 30 seconds going by without a "FfffffFFFfffuuucccckkk!" or "Vvvvvvvaaahhhhhh" as orgasm after orgasm shook the building. Hitachi's of course were a favorite as well as a marvelous little blue friend. Aura brought ALL the lubes ;) and the protection was supplied in ample amounts so there was never a risky moment.

Mirrors! Simple advice, never do a 4some or moresome without mirrors. If you do, there better be cameras, because you need those for all the crazy angles and to enjoy not only what is happening to you, but everyone else. I was surrounded by gorgeous women who were so into each other I honestly could have sat in a chair across the room, watched and still felt like I won the lottery. Each one kept the action going. No one bowed out, it was non stop action from start to finish.

Did I say finish? If only I could have taken a picture. Chest to chest, face to face, I made a mess, all over the place. Luckily they helped clean up with no hesitation. We went a bit overtime so Camilla and I had the same angle and I think she would agree...HOTTTEST finish ever!

So I don't know what else to say other than thanks to Aura, Billy, Camilla and Harley. Would I repeat, FUCK YES, individually and in a group. Each of these stars have been reviewed and they mixed together perfectly. No egos, so laziness, just pure excitement, passion and joy in the moment. It was the greatest night and for anyone out there who think if this adventure might be too much for them.....? Well it isn't because they play together so damn well.

If anyone is lucky enough to put these four angels together again, I guarantee you will find heaven.


Jane Way

Joined Oct 16, 2015
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I'm STILL wheeling from this night! Thanks for an amazing review on an even more amazing night. xo


Joined Aug 18, 2015
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So you were the lucky one in that tweet! Well fantastic review and they are all at the top of my TDL going forward. Man it would be quite the challenge to handle all of them. Thanks for the review!


Joined Apr 15, 2015
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WOW! Awesome review TJ. I don't think I would survive more than 20 minutes. Obit would say, he died happy and we still can't get that silly grin off his face.
Joined Dec 21, 2009
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Legendary. :YMAPPLAUSE:

I saw the pic on Twitter and thought who's they lucky bastard. Mystery solved. Congrats on a session for the ages.


I lived my fantasy now I don't have anything to look forward to :Crying/:


Joined Nov 6, 2009
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Brother, I think Caerf should award you a Medal, A BIG TEXAN medal as THE CHAMP!:YMAPPLAUSE:

Joined Mar 28, 2010
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Best experience ever.
this guy deserves a medal. Heck his reward is this experience. Must have been incredible! I can't even imagine.
Great review man!


Joined Aug 12, 2011
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Yum yum to every single bum I see standing before me!

TexasJoe, I despise YOU...I want to give you a vicious purple nurple and feed you to the alligators because YES I'M jealous!:mrgreen:
Joined Apr 29, 2013
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Is this your obituary texasjoe?

Funny you said that...My original title was going to be an obit, but wanted to keep it as a tale of survival...Altho I did see the light a few times that night.

I'm STILL wheeling from this night! Thanks for an amazing review on an even more amazing night. xo

No no no, thank you! Let this be a lesson for anyone, when you go this big, the reverberations of the night will last much longer than the session. An added bonus!

...they are all at the top of my TDL going forward. Man it would be quite the challenge to handle all of them.

They should be on your TDL. It was a challenge, but I was lucky that this was FULLY interactive so all the pressure was not on me.

...still can't get that silly grin off his face.

Smile hasn't stopped, people giving me funny looks all day.

Wow, what did it cost you?.

Posted rates. Got to respect the no discounts but it was also nice that there was no upsell.


What was going through my mind 99.9% of the time. .1% was me blacking out after, well you can guess.

Heck his reward is this experience.

Exactly! Cheers!
Joined Apr 29, 2013
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What you going to do for an encore :pEACE:

Great question...I do hope to meet Anastasia. Daley is a wonderful playmate. Mika and Jayde caught my eye. Likely continue to hang around Twitter and see what fun presents itself.
Joined Apr 22, 2010
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This reminds of the time that I... Oh wait this reminds me of nothing i have ever done. I've almost died in duos, so I can't imagine this adventure. I have never had the pleasure of seeing any of these ladies, but they sound (and look) like the A-Team of Love.

Joe, I tip my hat to you. You are a brave man... and I photograph sharks and dive in caves for a living!
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