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Attempted abduction at Beaches elementary school

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Man grabbed Grade 2 student playing in yard, tried to carry boy away

The principal at a Beaches-area elementary school has sent out a safety alert after a man tried to abduct a young student out of the playground Wednesday just after school let out.
The incident happened around 3:45 p.m. when a man entered the schoolyard at Williamson Road Public School and grabbed a Grade 2 boy.

If I ever see that I will take action immediately, what would you do?.


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I heard on the radio he has a goat tee and is white, cops should abuse him when they catch the asshole.

Senor Gomes

A man is in custody following an incident east-end residents are describing as an attempted abduction. The suspect, is 5'8, in his 20s with blond hair and a dark goatee.


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Any sicko comes close to my family will pay dearly the dude is due for a beating.
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