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Asian Cat House #2 - Kelly

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Saw this listing

At her incall Kelly was NOT the girl in the photos. Kelly had a similar body but only be cup tits not the the's as listed. Her face was sort of plain but her slender petite body looked good so I stayed.

After the 120 donation we got on the bed and Kelly moved down for a BBBJ that got me up. Just barely. She used her hand and only took a few inches in her mouth and sucked with very little movement. I moved her over on her back and started to kiss her tits but she she started giggling and pushing my face away. I then moved down and tried to lick her pussy but she starting squirming. That's when I realized this was not going to be a GFE that I usually got at this house. I opened her thighs apart wider and I pushed my face in her pussy and licked her pussy fast and hard. She stopped squirming and I licked her clit until she became wet. Kelly then said " Sex Now " as she reached for a condom. I told her I wanted more BJ so knelt on the bed and she bent her head down to suck my dick. It started out OK with her massaging my balls but soon she just stopped moving her head & just sucked. I told her to put on the condom and to move over for doggy.

As I moved behind her my Dick wasn't that hard yet and I had trouble getting it in her. Kelly reached back and guided me to her pussy as I tried to get inside her. After a few attempts with only the head of my dick in her I was beginning to think I wasn't going to get hard enough to fuck her. When my Dick finally pushed into her all the way I felt this wave of pleasure come over me. Her pussy was so warm and snug. It felt so good that I actually looked down to see if the condom had slipped off. It was still on and my Dick was now rock hard. I grabbed her hips & fucked her hard and fast. Kelly was now pushing back at me & saying " you fuck machine" over and over. As I started to get close I reached down to grab her titties but then SHIT I got a leg cramp. I tried to straighten my leg but it was so bad that I needed to jump off the bed and walk if off. Kelly thought I just wanted to do doggy differently so she scooted her body over so her Ass was hanging over the edge of the bed. I had managed to stop the cramp so I moved behind her and I began to fuck her fast & deep. Again her snug warm and now very wet pussy felt so good on my Dick. Kelly then began pushing back on me again but this time she reached back every once in a while to rub my balls. I wanted this feeling to last so I slowed down and pulled her hips tightly against me so my Dick went deep into her pussy. Kelly soon began grinding herself against me and she again reached back to massage my balls.

I let Kelly have her fun then I had her move up on the bed on her back. As I moved over on top of her she quickly reached down and guided my Dick into her. I then lifted her legs up slightly & I fucked her with slow deep strokes. Kelly soon began to rub her hands up and down my back from my shoulders to my Ass as I fucked her. Her pussy felt so damn good and I was getting close & it seems so was Kelly. She lifted her legs up higher wrapping them around me and began rubbing my back very hard and fast. Kelly tried to grind her pussy into me but I like to take long slow deep stokes when I finish so I had to pull my hips away from her body some as I fucked her until I popped.

As I remained on top of her filling the bag more with every twitch of my Dick Kelly wrapped her arms tightly around me. When I finally raised myself up slightly Kelly looked up at me and then she raised her hand up and gave me a thumbs up. She then asked me how old I was. I told her I didn't want to scare her and asked her how old she was. She replied 25 and then asked me how old I was again. When I told her she opened her eyes very wide said she didn't believe me. As I moved to get off of her I told her I didn't want to scare her & then I massaged one of her titties telling her "this is what keeps me young". Kelly then removed the condom and told me to wait there. She went to the bathroom & returned with a warm wash cloth to clean me up. When I started to get up to get dressed Kelly told me she wanted to give me a massage. I turned over and she covered my Ass with a blanket & gave me a nice back massage for close to 10 minutes. Not sure why she covered my Ass because she reached under the blanket to massage my Ass every once in a while.

All in all this was a weird session. Kelly was a dead fish during the foreplay and her BBBJ was one of the worst I ever had. On the other hand her pussy felt so good and she was a really nice tap. I also enjoyed the massage. As good as the fucking was I don't think I will be seeing her again. While I was leaving she asked if I could come back to see her soon. I told her I was going away for the holidays. At the door I leaned in to give her a kiss but she only gave me a quick peck.
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