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Joined Aug 29, 2012
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Date: 11-19-19
URL (Profile or Bio Page):
Age: She was Actually 24 YO - Physical Description: Around 5ft tall with average body & nice soft C cup tits. They looked too good to be real but they were so soft that I couldn't tell. Facially very cute

I saw a listing for Emily on Leo's list and after a few texts I headed to the address I know quite well. After ringing the bell the door was opened to let me in. Behind the door was someone I saw last year. At that time her name was Jennifer. She gave me a hug and wanted me to follow her to a room. I told her I was here for the other girl so she yelled out Coco and took me to Coco's room.

Coco was cute facially and had a nice petite body on her. I paid the Donation and we began kissing for while. Coco then removed her clothes and I did the same. We got on the bed and we softly kissed while she massaged my Dick. I began to massage her big soft titties then I moved down to lick & suck on her nipples & massage her pussy. Coco began running her fingers thru my hair so I moved down to lick her pussy. As with most Asians she was not completely shaved so I lifted her legs up slightly so I could avoid getting a mouth full of hair while I ate her pussy. Coco began to make soft Oh Oh noises as I licked her pussy. After she became very wet I moved up and sucked on her big titties for awhile before I moved over on my back. Coco moved on top of me and began sucking my nipples while she massaged my Dick. Then she moved down and did a nice BBBJ & BLS until I was ready to go.

Coco applied the cover and squatted over me before lowering herself slowly onto my Dick. She bounced up & down for a while but there wasn't enough movement so I told her I wanted to do Doggy at the edge of the bed. This time I remembered to remove my socks as on my last visit my stocking feet kept sliding on the laminate floor.

I started slow until I heard Coco making more soft Oh Oh sounds then I fucked her hard & fast. When I was getting close I flipped her over so I could kiss her while I popped. The only problem was that she made a lot of Oh Oh sounds while I fucked her. Her soft moist lips were now hard and dry. I was thinking of getting up to give her a drink of the Ice Tea I had brought with me but I was past the point of no return so I just stayed put and popped. Even with the dry lips at the end this was a great GFE for me.

I will Recommend Coco but I suggest you ask for Coco when you text. When I told Coco I had a session with Jennifer last year she said you mean Emilie? Last years Jennifer is now Emilie , which is the girl I originally texted. Also when I left I checked my texts and found this ...Today 3 girls Coco and yoyo Emilie working. It seems someone else is handling the bookings for these girls??

Lastly - photos in the listings are FAKE! You will be getting the girl shown in the photos!


Joined Aug 29, 2012
Messages 302

Lastly - photos in the listings are FAKE! You will NOT be getting the girl shown in the photos!


Joined Jan 9, 2012
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Surprised of the fake one from an Asian escort agency?.
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