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Asian Cat House #1-Coco Again

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City: NF Canada. On a side street Not far from the KFC on Lundy's Lane.

Physical Description: Around 5 ft+ tall with average body & nice soft see cup tits. They looked too good to be real but they were so soft. I spent a lot of time on this visit massaging & sucking on them and they are real! Facially very cute. Age: She was really 24.

I texted Yoyo for an early AM visit and was told she was available. When I got there Coco opened the door and told me Yoyo was not there. Then Coco said try me. She didn't recognize from the week before maybe because the place is dimly lit? I told her I really wanted to see Yoyo and she hugged my arm and again said try me. I did have a good time with her last week so I agreed.

In the room turned on ceiling light telling Coco it was too dark. Then the I paid the 100 donation and we undressed & began kissing while standing. After a few minutes of kissing and massaging her Ass & soft titties I had Coco sit on the edge of the Bed and had her give me a BBBJ. As Coco sucked my Dick she lightly ran her fingers up across my balls. She did a really good job of sucking with lot of deep slurping suction. I let her suck me that way for quite a while and was close to popping but I wanted to fuck her so I had her move up on the bed.

After more kissing I licked and sucked her big soft titties & rubbed her pussy. I then moved down and licked her pussy. Coco began to moan so I lifted one of her legs up by pushing on the back of her thighs to get better access to her meaty pussy. Then I used my tongue to part her labia and lick her clit. After a few minutes she was dripping but I was really enjoying eating her out so I continued. I then flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue and every so often I sucked on her pussy lips. Coco's body jerked upward every time I sucked her labia. After she popped I moved up and we kissed some more. I then massaged and sucked her tits as she rubbed my shoulders.

Next Coco moved down and I enjoyed another BBBJ from her. When I was ready to go I had her apply a Durex and started some edge of the bed Doggy. Coco was soon moaning and pushing back against me so I grabbed & lifted her ankles to fuck her wheel Barrow style. Some times I would just lean back and stand still while I looked down to watch her fuck me. At other times I would grab her hips and fuck her fast & deep. Occasionally I would lean forward and reach down to play with big soft titties as I fucked her pussy at a downward angle. With Coco really into and making so much noise I was having a lot of fun and was close to popping when the doorbell rang. Coco pulled away and got up telling me wait and saying sorry as she went to answer the door. Normally I would be pissed but Coco's pussy felt so good so I looked at it as an opportunity to allow me to calm down so I could fuck her even longer.

When Coco returned she again said sorry. I then asked her if I could finish in her mouth. She said yes and sat on the edge of the bed and reached over to remove the condom. While I did calm down some my Dick was still rock hard so I told her to wait and I gently pushed her on her back and reached down to pull her legs up and toward me. As I leaned in Coco guided my Dick into her pussy. Most girls usually lean their head back as I Fuck them this way but as I pushed my Dick deep into her pussy Coco Lifted her head up tucking her chin into her chest to watch my Dick going in and out of her pussy. I then leaned back a little lifting her legs even higher to give her a better view. That also gave me a better view of watching her pussy lips spreading open as I slowly & deeply pushed my Dick into her. I was able to Fuck her for quite a while this way.

For reason Coco's pussy felt warmer and even more snug on my Dick as I remembered from fucking her the week before. With the combination of Coco making a lot of OHH OHH noises while watching her take my Dick into her pussy and her warm we pussy hugging my Dick I was almost there. I pulled my Dick out of her pussy and as Coco sat up I tried to pull the condom off but my fingers just slipped off. The condom was covered with a thick film of Coco's slippery cum. As I was trying to roll it off Coco grabbed some tissue and removed the condom. She then bent her head down and started to firmly suck my Dick. It felt so good but I wasn't ready to pop yet! Maybe I wasn't as close as I thought or maybe it was the time needed to remove the condom? It didn't really matter to Coco as she continued Sucking my Dick with a deep slurping firm suction. After a couple of minutes I felt things stirring so I reached down and placed my hands on her shoulders to steady myself. As wave after wave of ecstasy shot thru my Dick Coco never let up and she continued sucking firm & deep until she emptied my balls. When I finally pulled my Dick out of her mouth Coco then leaned over and spit into some tissue. That's not a problem for me as once it leaves my body I don't care where my cum goes, except for the time some girl spit in on my stomach.

As I said in my other review of her, when you text the # in the listing ask what girls are available today to make sure Coco is the one that is actually there. There is someone else doing the texting. While I have seen Yoyo's listing for a few weeks I not even sure if there is even a Yoyo at all? Also PHOTOS ARE FAKE!

Recommendation: Yes. [/QUOTE]

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