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Apple is reportedly considering killing off iTunes music downloads entirely

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Music download lovers.

Matters to you?.

Apple is reportedly considering killing off iTunes music downloads entirely, with two different possible timetables: one that would end song sales within two years, and another less aggressive strategy that would see Apple ride out iTunes sales for the next three to four years.

It's not a question of if but when Apple will phase out its online music store in favor of Apple Music, the company's year-old streaming-music service, Paul Resnikoff for Digital Music News reports, citing sources with active business relationships with Apple.

One possibility is that Apple would phase out iTunes sales in streaming-friendly countries like the US and UK first before phasing the online store out in "tier 2 and tier 3" countries later.
But some within Apple are determined not to let Apple Music undermine its profitable download store, Bloomberg reported earlier this month. The iTunes store reportedly generates nearly as much as three times the revenue as Apple Music.

It seems as if there's an internal conflict brewing in Apple's music division, and all signs point to veteran record executive and Beats cofounder Jimmy Iovine, a rising power within Apple whose title is simply "Jimmy." iTunes and other online services are overseen by Eddy Cue, a senior vice president.

According to Bloomberg, Iovine and other executives from Beats have pushed for Apple to "deemphasize iTunes and plow money into the on-demand streaming service that Beats built."

And when Apple goes to music labels asking to renegotiate its deals, it sounds likely Iovine will lead that effort. Resnikoff writes:
On that front, top Apple Music executive Jimmy Iovine, a longtime fixture [at] Universal Music Group before migrating to Apple Music, could play a key diplomatic role in the termination and transition.

Apple is expected to unveil a big update to Apple Music at its annual developers conference in June.


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Messages 1,615 doubt it will be replaced with something else like fee based cloud music or some such shit. Why would anybody buy individual songs or albums from iTunes rather than just paying $10 a month to listen to everything?


Who has time to download and listen to music at home anymore. I am happy to have "Sirius" satellite radio in my car.


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i don't use itunes. and Sirius satellite radio sucks only have american content. smartphones that have unlimited data plans can get online radio stations from around the world using apps like tune in. radio stations also have their own apps in android.


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They must be thinking how they can generate more revenue after this move.


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I thought iTunes was still turning a decent profit and apple music was underperforming.

I'm 100% spotify now and fine with it, I download frequently played playlists to my phone on wifi even though I still have unlimited data, but streaming at mid level quality isn't exactly a data hog anyway. I guess a lot of people have already moved to renting music, I'm not sure the industry is ready though.

Steve wasn't jesus and arguably his lack of foresight tanked Apple the first time before leaving. He was obviously a lot better in his mature age.

I think if anything the enormous pressure on Apple is now stifling innovation.

Cook was his hand picked successor, but he was never going to be Steve Jobs. The first time he faltered and the stocks dipped, he lost a little bit of control. We're still a long way off from being Apple of the early 90s, run by a bunch of dipshit board members making the safe play.

But the move to kill tracks is a bean counter decision. They don't want you buying a random track for $0.99 every couple weeks....they want the steady income of a subscription service.

What I hate about them now is that they're letting the desktop computer category die. I feel that desktop Macs will go the way of the iPod.



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I think I have enough music to last me a lifetime....and I didn't even get in early on that Napster deal. Most of the new stuff sucks....which means I'm now old.
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