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Anyone getting an iPad?

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Kirk Lazarus

Joined Dec 1, 2009
Messages 3,861
Is anyone planning to get an iPad when its available in Canada? I love gadgets like this, but probably won't get one soon because I don't know what it does that other computers don't do already.


Joined Mar 28, 2010
Messages 2,346
I have to do more research and judge its feasibility and practicality before I indulge, although it is hard to resist gadgets.


Joined Nov 6, 2009
Messages 6,565
It doesn't appeal to me at all. I prefer my laptop with my rogers on the go stick sitting ready to go in my brief case.


Prefer the iPod Touch, small, pocket size, can surf and post on caerf while watching the Blackhawks go up 1 to 0. IPad seems less convenient.

EDIT: 2 to 0
fuck me: 3 to 0 what a great game
edit: 4-2 for Chi
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