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Any ladies that are not fake moaners and make you feel like a true boyfriend?.

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Sophia Sinclair


Thank You MEAT!

Clearly you and I have a genuine connection.

I'm a GFE provider with a little PSE thrown in for good measure. If you're looking for a full on PSE with lots of put on dirty talk, etc. I'm afraid I'm not your lady. I don't believe in faking anything, including orgasms in any situation, whether civilian or hobby.

Of Note: If you've got me panting you've hit the mark.


There's lots of convincing actresses out there that make you feel like a true boyfrien

Camilla Lush, Sinful Sofia, Dina @ Mirage, Aria @ Mirage, Carmen @ Mirage, Nadia @ Mirage, Bray @ Allegras, Olivia @ Platinum, Mercedes @ Eye Candy, Piper @ RM, Bella @ RM, Candace Cane @ TDL, Tila Khan, Blair @ Hush, Emma @ Hush, Yasmina @ TDL, Madeline @ TDL, Roxanne @ Jersey Girls, Caleigh @ GOE, Ifyouseekamy, Missy @ Minx, Dakota @ Minx, Casey @ Minx, Lani, Abby @ Sassys, Star @ Sassys,

Kirk Lazarus

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Chauntel at Sassy Angels. In mish, if you are not kissing her, she will grab you and kiss you if she isn't moaning.
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Some are genuine some are fake

Some women are easily aroused too so gotta use your personal judgement.

& Sex with Confidence! You're there to pay for play after all! Enjoy it:pEACE:
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