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IN-Call Any info on Vanessa Kelly

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I just noticed this ad

The Queen of cock sucking has my curiosity peeked. Anyone have any info on service and pricing?


Saw her a year or so back, she was a great fetish/PSE experience...seem to recall dropping 'bout 900 roses for 3+hrs but don't quote me. She's a good looking woman, but no twenty-something hardbody though. Just the same, I found her very attractive facially, nice soft & curvy bod, with mad erotic skills and extensive menu, great service attitude. She does have a slight dominant streak in her sexual persona, and I also recall very much enjoying the copious GS she offered :cool:, not sure if she still offers the same PSE menu these days though...PM her - she's easy to communicate with and you can be open and honest with your desires, she's good that way. Not quite MILF or Cougar yet, but getting there - personally, I like some sexual maturity seasoned in, which she has in spades....


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I saw Vanessa on one of her tours through Toronto. I was familiar with her service from Hobbying out west so I followed through when she came to town. A Cougar type experience to be sure, but IMHO she is a BJ specialist with few peers. What Vanessa has forgotten about sucking cocks, most SP's will never learn. I found the service to be fairly priced for the Vancouver market but a bit high here but I am glad I went because i still consider the experience one of my more memorable. Can't remember the pricing but there are multi tiers of services and prices.

As for the service, I went for the BBBJ specialty. Vanessa is all about the prolonged quality shot on goal. She will take you to the edge and keep you there forever. Every technique known to man is employed. I wouldn't describe what she does as just giving you a BJ. She provides a cock worshiping event that had me speaking foreign languages. I would recommend the chair in front of the mirror. I have tried to book with her on a number of occasions but schedules never aligned. Vanessa is pretty good about responding. Hope this helps JJF.


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I've seen venessa a bit ways back. The woman absolutely loves, craves, and worships cock. :wink:

Vanessa Kelly

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How Many Ways Can I Suck Your Cock???

How Many Ways Can I Suck Your Cock???

Holy smokes do you guys know how to make a woman feel great thank you for that...I am excited to say that I will be Downtown Toronto Tuesday May 11 and staying until Friday the 14th ...

I consider my Cock Sucking skills to be a gift the beginning of what will end up a mind blowing explosion ...starting out all girl next door kinda coy ...administering Fellatio truly brings out my submissive side ...I love the connection that begins with something so feminine...lots of eye contact..stroking and teasing you my tongue licking you like a Popsicle ...never forgetting to pay attention to your balls ... oh boy I can feel myself beginning to tingle I better

I now have a session that is called "How Many Ways Can I Suck Your Cock" ...I proud to say that I have 7 different ways and I am now able to switch into 3 different body positions WITHOUT removing your cock from my mouth...Hard to explain just something you have to experience :wink:

Again thanks for your kind words,
Vanessa Kelly aka Dr.V

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