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Sorry this is late, but I just found it via an internet search:

After reading this, I will present the belated 2013 World Sissy-girl Bitch award to Lieutenant General David Morrison, Chief of Army, Australian Defense Force

Lieutenant General David Morrison put his name and credibility to the organization named - Male Champions of Change

Basically, this organization supports quotas and special treatment for women so that they can take positons they otherwise wouldn't win if not for consideration of their gender. I was reading the report this organization put out and it struck me as ridiculous that the Chief of the Army would be overtaken and submit to a group of entitlement whores in a non-war time period.

Imagine the leader of your Army with that little of a backbone. Imagine in 1938 if the leader of the Canadian or U.S. Army had that little fortitude. We would have lost the second world war.

David Morrison, you win World Sissy-girl Bitch of 2013. Sorry it took me so long to award it to you.
Anyways, congratulations, you disgrace of a man.

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