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IN-Call Amy at DM: I've found my girlfriend

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Joined Dec 5, 2009
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I had my eye on Amy since she was announced last week. Sadly, I wasn't able to TOFTT on the weekend, but the review about her posted on the other board only piqued my curiosity further. So when she showed up on schedule on Tuesday, I booked her.

Opening the door was a tiny brunette, looking even better than her pictures. Facially, she reminds me of the chick from The Lost Room, Julianna Margulies. She had a very bright, happy attitude, and although it was quickly apparent we were from two different worlds, her being a shoe-obsessed club girl, and I, a pagan-goth turned corporate whore, we didn't run out of things to talk about. The conversation carried throughout my shower and after, and the action just smoothly segued in.

It started with her on all fours, showing me that small yet nicely rounded butt. And I do mean small! My hand easily covered one entire cheek! I let my hands wander, turning it into a butt massage. I somehow refrained from saying "I knead your ass, baby!", fascinated by this tiny creature. My exploration moved to her back, her writhing and responsive at my touch, arching herself back against me so that I could taste her neck and shoulders. As my my hands moved down her front and slipped inside her panties, she was already dripping. Damn! this is gonna be fun!

We kissed for the first time as I strummed her clit, her lips getting hungrier as her arousal grew. I let my mouth travel over where my hands explored. Between moans, I heard her say "Bite!", and I did, and it only made her all the more responsive. I flipped her over so I could go down on her, slipping her panties off, I tongued at her clit and folds tile she pushed me away.

She needed a breather, and I obliged, content with just kissing her. She then started on a BBBJ that had me almost reach my crest way too fast, but I stopped her. Taking her in doggie for a while, I noticed we were almost out of time. I told her I wanted her to ride me, and she did with enthusiasm, kissing me and moaning all the while. I held her hips as I pounded her fast and hard from below, until we both seemed to cum at the same time.

Not much time to get dressed and say our goodbye's as she had a booking rather shortly after me (something that should be addressed), but I left her feeling really good.

For those looking only for stats: LFK warming into DFK, DATY, BBBJ, MPOS, Doggie, CG.

It was like meeting a girl at a club, taking her back to the hotel, and having your way with her, knowing she's completely into it! She is completely new to the scene, is doing it to push her boundaries, and it shows in her attitude. She was friendly at first, and we took a bit to warm up to each other, but once we did, the chemistry was unbelievable! She did mention she would love to get a couple at some point (Sentry11 and 3, I'm looking at you guys).

Once in a while you encounter a girl with whom you just click. Amy was like this for me. She's smart, upbeat, happy go lucky, and totally into sex and exploration. A true GFE. Once word gets out, she will be booked solid with guys lining up around the...

You know what, I lied! Stay away!!!! she's completely atrocious and just let me deal with her exclusively! :cool:

Mr Bates

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Looking at her ass can understand why you-n-love dream, great review BTW.


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Joined Jan 28, 2010
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Agree with you Dream she is ugly bad service and not GFE at all :cool:


Joined Nov 6, 2009
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Based on those pictures I am probably going to have to do your girlfriend, hope you don't mind? Damn she looks tasty!


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Joined Feb 8, 2010
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Thanks for heads up DB. Gonna toss your dreamgirl the malt, hope you don't mind :)


Great review Dream, mind sharing your GF sometimes I promise to be gentle. :cool:
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