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The Art of a "Duo" - as performed by Ms. Carmen Flavia and Ms. Daley, Downtown Toronto 3/18/18
Fellow Gentlemen, I am happy to report that the concept of "Duo" has been redefined by these two very sexy ladies. Last month, I visited Toronto and left with my head spinning on my shoulders like a top...I was so captivated by Toronto's Hobby culture after spending my weekend with the very charismatic, sensual, and amazing Carmen Flavia. Ms. Carmen redefined the meaning of GFE for me in a span of 72-hours. Truly one of the most energetic and genuinely sweet and sexy women I've ever met.
There was no question about who I was coming to see this past weekend in Toronto. But, as we interacted over the past month to plan my next visit, I inquired about her zeal for Duos and asked her if she would consider indulging my fantasy to experience a Menage a' Trois with her and one of her closest playmates.
I feel that it is important at this time to differentiate the "Duo" experience, from that of a "Ménage a' Trois" experience. More times than not, a duo is a manufactured threesome (two girls taking turns pleasing their client). Although there are some exceptions, when there is no chemistry or history among the providers, the Duo interaction is limited to subtle foreplay... petting/touching, body rubbing and maybe light kissing. In some cases, there may be some twiddle-twaddeling with fingers or toys here and there. This type of Duo is mechanical, unattached, and can be awkward. Conversely, a Ménage a' Trois between two familiar providers is the Gold Standard for a threesome. The sapphic passion, sensuality, connectivity, and spontaneity of two bi-sexual to watch, stimulating to play, awesome to be the center of attention...So when booking your duo, do not be afraid to ask the provider if she has a familiar partner that’s into a full on girl to girl to guy GFE...
Ms. Carmen took care of the details and assured me she had the perfect companion to make this an unforgettable equally sensual, sexy and seductive, like-minded bi-sexual courtesan who exhibited equally incredible, but very different physical characteristics.
A "dirty" blonde with natural olive skin complexion and exotic features, Carmen carries a sleek but elegant figure - the most perfect derriere and perky B-Cup breasts, all delivered with a dom-like, killer smile. Ms. Daley is knockout…with fair-skinned complexion defined by strong, but sensual Anglo Saxon facial features, sexy reddish-brown shoulder length hair. Ironically, she has a playful but submissive personality, delivered in a toned, power body...She tastefully shows off amazingly soft, perfectly shaped DDD breasts, and athletically toned legs that culminate at her rockin toned booty...although her sweet, unassuming personality is a huge part of her incredible sexiness, do not underestimate what she is capable of in the bedroom.
Both ladies have soft pouty sensual lips and they love to kiss, and kiss and kiss... I could have laid in bed with them all night making out…and left completely satisfied.
Ms. Carmen and I kicked off our overnight excursion with cocktails and dinner downtown. She graced my presence, dressed to the 9's in a tastefully classy form fitting, black stiletto, form fitting outfit with a shear blouse/bra combo...her clothing accented her lean sensual figure, and captured everyone's attention as we entered the restaurant. After a few glasses of vino and a fabulous dinner, the flirting eyes, sensual lip licking and tender caresses got my motor running, and in high gear...notwithstanding we were very excited for our guest’s arrival...after all, she was responsible to bring all the sex toys!
A very sensual seductress, as we entered the hotel room, Ms. Carmen removed her dinner ensemble to reveal a hot high cut v-string panty. She allowed me time to visually drink in her sensuality, as she slowly spun herself down into a perfect scissor position across my lap. As she seductively stared into my eyes, she tantalized my manhood with a gentle riding motion of her hips…engorging it to its full breadth and girth. Whispering sweet erotic nothings in my ear, my excitement grew as I felt her swollen clitoris thru her panties, coursing gently against my swollen shaft. She nuzzled my ear, neck and chest with those amazing lips and tongue, as we started to develop a sexy rhythm…but, at the peak of my excitement, there was a knock at the door. Daley had arrived!
I was elated when I opened the door, as Daley's smile lit up the room. A petite woman at 5'3”, she glowed with excitement and exuded such positive energy and enthusiasm...a bubbly, perky, sexy woman. She was tastefully but discreetly dressed and did not disappoint…and she brought a huge Kate Spade bag full of erotic toys! When Daley saw Carmen in just her panties, any semblance of nerves or anxiety went out the window, as they immediately embraced like long, lost friends to exchange pleasantries...ass grabs, tongue kisses, and nip slips...SEXY!
After a brief introduction, Daley excused herself to the bathroom to change. Both ladies were appreciative of the effort and creativity I invested to set the mood...some wine, flowers, subtle and simple girl friendly gifts, dim lighting and a candle lit set the stage for the most erotic experience of my life.
Daley revealed herself in a stylish bra/panty lingerie combo (that accented her curves to perfection), I was instructed to set in the corner to allow these ladies to become reacquainted. These two petite goddesses sprawled onto the king size bed, embraced in several long passionate kisses…I sat in amazement watching…they were so consumed in each other, I could have been a wall fixture in the room!
It did not take long for their bodies to be freed of lingerie and become indistinguishably one. Ms. Carmen's dominant persona took over...consuming every inch of Daley's body from head toe with sensual kisses, licking and suckling of Daley's lips, neck, breasts, tummy, and inner thighs, until she reached “paradise by the dashboard lights”…Daley's smooth freshly groomed sweetness. Carmen’s pace slowed dramatically from a feverous passionate abandonment, to a subtle teasing. And, with incredible precision, Carmen navigated Daley like a pilot guiding a ship through darkness…bringing her closer and closer to climax.
There was nothing faked, forced or manufactured…this passion was genuine sapphic eroticism...fueled by a sincere sexual attraction to one another. As just a voyeur, my blood was pumping…it was the most satisfying torture a man can endure.

And Carmen knew it, as she would periodically glance over at me…looking into my eyes as she pleasured Daley…She brazenly showed off to me, spinning herself around to reveal to me her perfectly shaped derriere, tugging on her panties and working herself over to tease me while passionately servicing her attentive lover. With exceptional spontaneity, Carmen flipped Daley over to her tummy, positioning her buttocks high in the air with an incredible arching back… exposing her most vulnerable girl parts. The oral passion intensified by introducing an ensemble of vibrators, dildos and stimulation novelties. The combination of Carmen's tongue dancing thru Daley's Garden of Eden, with a high powered vibrator pulsing at full throttle, and Carmen's intermittent ass stinging buttocks slaps, had Daley writhing in pleasure, pain and orgasm, all at the same time!Carmen sensed my angst to participate as I angled for the optimum view, she saw how excited I was…looked me up and own, smiled…stared into my eyes and hand signaled me to join her in pleasuring her slave. With her back arched, and her perfect bottom in the air, we simultaneously pleasured her most intimate of areas with tongues, toys and fingers, bringing her to yet another orgasm.
It was now Carmen's turn...we swiftly tossed her spinner body onto her back, positioned her head suspended over the end of the bed and legs spread wide. Daley quickly took up a position at Carmen's sweetness, and returned the same tortuous pleasures she had just experienced. I positioned myself over Carmen’s head to enjoy Carmen’s oral skills. As she consume my manhood I was afforded the access to pleasure her with my hands, rubbing her breasts and clitoris as Daley devoured her kitty. Periodically, I would reach over and taste Carmen from Daley’s lips with deep tongue kisses, alternating back and forth. Amazingly, I could feel Carmen's excitement build. As she got closer to climax, I felt the intensity of her oral pleasure, as she was not shy about suckling my cleanshaven shaft, head and balls...
Guys, it’s incredible to look into a woman's eyes as she pleasures your manhood orally. It’s completely “mind blowing” to stare into another woman's eyes as she orally pleasures the woman who is consuming your manhood. As Daley seduced me with her eyes, I could feel Carmen respond to the tongue lashing she was receiving as she worked Carmen's kitty to climax.
No rest for the weary…the girls worked themselves into a lather, and they wanted man parts…No sooner did we caught our breath, the ladies sought to reward my patience, sexual acumen and hospitality...As I stood in front of the mirror, they positioned themselves (Carmen to my right, Daley to my left) each on their knees in front of me...for the next 20 minutes, I was treated to the most sensual oral sex I have ever had...they skillfully edged me, working my head and shaft like skilled mechanics to the brink…They engulfed me with the softest, wettest, most tantalizing hungry mouths…and the insatiable physical pleasure was matched by a truly unbelievable visual stimulation…as they looked into my eyes with each caressed as they prepared me to work!
We transitioned to the bed where Daley mounted me for Cowgirl… Carmen positioned herself over my face so I could pleasure her while she kissed and fondled Daley’s amazing breasts. There are two visuals that are making me hard right now as I write this review...First, the insatiable confluence of Carmen's legs, buttocks and kitty...her smooth delicate curves and tight skin perfectly form an erotic masterpiece…Her ass is an amazing work of art, coupled with an amazing perfect kitty straddled over my face...Second, while riding me cowgirl, Daley would raise her arms over her head to allow Carmen access to lavish her perfectly shaped teardrop shaped breasts with incredible erect nipples…seeing the sheer ecstasy on Daley’s face as Carmen's tongue flicked her nipples brought me to the edge several times.
As we reached optimum rhythm, Carmen treated me to what I call the “8th Wonder of the World” or the "Flavia Fountain of Youth"...Gentlemen, if you have never experienced a squirter, you must see this for yourself…I cannot do it justice with my words…Carmen is as elite a soaker as you will ever find…Anywhere!
As my mouth worked her over and explored every bit of her womanliness, her gyrations picked up speed and rhythm, in perfect sync with Daley's hips grinding my manhood. All at once, Carmen reached demanded my hand, grabbing it and thrusting my fingers directly to her special place. She shadowed my fingers until I achieved the ideal angle and motion she wanted. Moments later, I could feel her cervix convulse, enveloping my hand, simultaneously erupting with several orgasmic releases, squirting her love juice far and wide, over and again until she collapsed exhausted…Daley and fed from the visual stimulation of Carmen’s orgasm, and we picked up the pace…seducing me with her eyes, matching my thrust until finishing me with pure GFE elegance and grace mixed with just the right amount of erotic style.
We basked in the moment for a while once we found the only remaining dry spot on the bed. Asked how I enjoyed myself…I was completely astonished, fulfilled, amazed, aroused, satisfied. To these girl’s credit, all the focus was on me and when we could do it again...
To say this Ménage a' Trois was a duo is an understatement. This was the most amazing sexual encounter and display of pure sexual energy I have ever experienced in my life.
Ms. Carmen and Ms. Daley are as genuine, intelligent, articulate, and fantastic “people” as they are beautiful, sensual, expressive, erotic “courtesans”. Gentlemen, it has taken me a three days to physically recover, re-calibrate my mind, process what I experienced, and articulate my thoughts to share with you all…I just hope my words do these special ladies justice. It was pure, unadulterated, uninhibited, sexual pandemonium...with multiple happy endings for all and plans for a sequel!
You need to book these two ladies. Individually earn their respect and trust first and then you may create your own best experience…with them together. The physical pleasure cannot and will not be fully realized until you experience their individualism, appreciate their sensual personalities, and make a good first impression. You invest in them, your reward could be unimaginable!
Thank you Ladies. I recommend this experience with a resounding HELL YESSSSSSSSSSS!


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