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J Strummer

Joined Jul 9, 2013
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I had the pleasure of meeting Lily at the Allegra Spring Fling party.

Hello?! The moment I was introduced to her I was already asking ‘When are we spending some time together?!”
I had to wait for a bit until that happened… ‘cause you know… work. But one day about a week ago the stars aligned (Thank the gods!) and I was able to book some time with Lily. And… oh boy… what a time it was!

Lily has a very down to earth personality. She’s very nice and friendly. No posing or pretending with her. What you see is what you get. She’s just a very nice, very beautiful, blonde, young and approachable girl. And… all that comes wrapped up in a beautiful natural petite body. But don't get fooled folks... she can be nice and approachable... but she also has a seductive, naughty, side.

She’s about 5’ tall (and that’s why I say ‘petite). Her profile says she’s 32B-27-37… I’d say that’s about right… except for that 37 at the end. Even when she does have an exquisite derriere… that cannot be a 37. I’d say it’s more like 34.!lily-olsen/q29k6

My time with her was simply… a delight. Such a nice, fun, and pleasurable moment. Arrived to the downtown condo, she was ready. She opened the door and it felt like meeting up with a friend (she did remember me from the party). She was wearing a beautiful, very cool, summer dress. It was a very hot day in the city so I asked her to excuse me to go shower. Met her at the bedroom right after… and that lovely dress was gone (“A strong breeze blew through the window and just blew it off!” - that’s what she said). She was wearing a beautiful coordinate, flowery design.

Joined her on the bed and some very nice and good DFK started happening. Eventually that beautiful coordinate of flowery design was gone. Such a nice natural body… with some ink and a few piercings (just as a note for those who don’t like it) but they just adorned and accentuated the sexiness in her looks. She was really into – and responsive of - all the things that were just happening… and we just kept things progressing. More kissing and touching. DATY… very nice and mutually enjoyed. Inversion: BBBJ… VERY good. Things progressed… rubber on… CG… what a ride. And she positioned herself in such a way that it’d be also a great ride for her.

We laid for a bit while recovering our breaths and chat for a little bit until I hit the shower again and back into the heat of the city… but having very clear on my mind that I have to see Lily again… and it better be soon.
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